Did your mind single out someone while reading the above question? Are you engaged and soon to be married? Do you see yourself walking down the aisle with your soul mate in some months to come?

SHOULD YOU HAVE AN INDOOR OR OUTDOOR WEDDING                                                


Well, as much as you are entertaining such blissful thoughts going through your mind now, you may be wondering what kind of a wedding ceremony to choose – should it be an indoor or an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception? How, when, and most importantly where the wedding ceremony or reception will take place are top questions most, if not, all engaged couples tend to consider in preparation for their wedding. The succeeding paragraphs contain very useful information to help you decide on what wedding ceremony best suits you.


Indoor Wedding Ceremony


Many brides will prefer to have an indoor wedding ceremony because of the numerous possibilities to transform the wedding venue to their desired taste in terms of decorations.

One can hardly predict in actuality what the weather condition will be on their wedding day. So, having an indoor wedding will reduce anxiety related to the weather condition.

In most cases, electricity is guaranteed for indoor weddings and you get to regulate the temperament of the venue – that is how cold or hot the venue should be.



Most indoor wedding venues have limited capacity as per the number of persons it can accommodate, especially if you have to set dining tables and chairs. If a large ceremony is what you desire, then having an indoor wedding would not be advisable.

Furthermore, indoor wedding venues have already existing decorations. So changing the decorations to your desired taste will incur extra cost. This cannot be overlooked, especially if it goes beyond your estimated wedding budget.


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


A beautiful scenery, cool breeze, blue sky, and rustling leaves during an outdoor wedding ceremony, makes it an ideal choice for most couples. Such weddings are greatly enjoyed by many in Spain, as well as in some other countries.

Ample space during an outdoor wedding appeal to couples who desire a large marriage feast. If you would also love to have children play around during the ceremony, then, this is the ideal choice for you.



Having to be in an all open environment, leaves room for distractions that can hardly be avoided. The presence of bugs can’t be avoided entirely; hence your guests may feel uneasy.

In the event of an extreme weather condition, cost may be incurred from purchase of mountable shelters. This should be of concern to the couples, especially if it causes a significant increase in their already stipulated budget.


Now you have the most relevant information to help you decide whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony. Think about it and decide with your partner. After all, it is your big day! Whatever the outcome of your decision, just let the day be what it is – special and joyful!

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