What was once old is now new. The digital revolution is happening right now and it’s growing faster than we think. This has given birth to new opportunities and has impacted the environment and everything we do.

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With the evolution of technology, many couples nowadays are putting away the iconic paper guest book and replacing it with a more contemporary digital version. 

Actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional paper guest book. It enables your guests to sign their names and to write a lovely short message for the just marrieds. While others will comply and do what is required of them, others won’t due to many reasons such as forgetfulness and lack of interest. Now, the big question! Would the number of participants increase if everyone got to snap photos, record videos, and post them into a digital version? Very truly, it would! This is where a digital guest book comes in. So, yes you need to have a virtual guest book!


What Is A Virtual Guest Book and How Does It Work?

A virtual guest book is the digital equivalent of the classic paper guest book. It permits your family, friends, guests, and well-wishers to take photos or record video messages.

However, all of these might seem strange and difficult for those who aren’t familiar with it. To make things easier for you, we are going to show you how a digital guest book works. 

Firstly, download and install a wedding guestbook app onto your phone or tablet. Get into it and make sure you are on the designated spot. You can now take a photo, record a video, or leave a message. Once you are done, press the “save button” and everything you’ve will be saved automatically. If you want your guests to use a particular app, leave simple printed directions to assist them. In the end, the couples can turn their digital guest book into a traditional paper book by creating a PDF and printing it. You can as well share the PDF via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and all other social media platforms.


Where can you put it so that your guests can easily have access?

Since you want everyone present to see your virtual guest book, put your tablet in a prominent area. Areas like the escort card table and places besides the entrance to the reception. Remember, not everybody is well-versed with this modern technology, so it would be great to assign someone maybe a friend or relative to assist them. They can answer all the questions asked and persuade your guests to sign on.

It is not easy to get an ideal guest book. The process can become overwhelming. A digital guest book simply permits your visitors to take a picture at the event and to type in a personal message. 

A virtual guestbook will make your wedding truly unforgettable. It is a fun way for your guests to leave their well-wishes.  The best thing about virtual guest books is its digital format that stores memories.

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