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Mistinguett Sparkling: A Tribute to Dreams and Daring Elegance

Mistinguett Sparkling is more than a wine; it’s a tribute to the unwavering spirit of women who chase their dreams, just like the iconic Mistinguett did. With audacity, hard work, and perseverance, she became the greatest French entertainer of all time. Now, celebrate your special day with Mistinguett Sparkling, a symbol of dreams realized.

Mistinguett Brut Reserva:
Crafted from Pinot Noir grapes, this Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine is aged for an average of 18 months on its lees, creating a truly exquisite Cava.

🏅 Awards Speak Volumes:

🥈 Silver – 2021: International Wine Challenge (UK)
🥈 Silver – 2020: Decanter Wine Awards (UK)
🥈 Silver – 2021: International Wine Challenge (UK)
🥇 Gold – 2017: Pentawards (UK)
Why Choose Mistinguett for Your Wedding:

🌟 Elegance Personified: Mistinguett Sparkling captures the essence of glamour and elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to your celebration.

🍇 Premium Craftsmanship: Aged for 18 months on its lees, Mistinguett Brut Reserva is a testament to meticulous winemaking.

🎉 Award-Winning Prestige: Recognized by esteemed competitions, including the International Wine Challenge and Decanter Wine Awards.

Make your wedding day as extraordinary as Mistinguett’s legacy with Mistinguett Sparkling. Cheers to love, dreams, and the audacious spirit that defines every celebration. Raise a glass to a union as timeless as the greatest French entertainer herself!

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