Looking and feeling fabulous is a prerequisite to any auspicious wedding ceremony. Your wedding day should be perfect, i.e., void of any slip-ups. You need to be extra careful with everything you eat on this memorable day. Avoid certain types of foods which will affect your bodily functions negatively.

Seven foods to avoid on your wedding day. Photo by Martin Berasategui.
Photo by Martin Berasategui.


Make sure you feel your best on your wedding day. This can be done by opting against foods which cause bloating and undesirable indispositions.

The team at Spain4Weddings composed this write up on seven foods you should avoid on your big day. These foods are outlined in the paragraphs below.


1. Spicy Food

Spicy food should be consumed on any other day, not your wedding day! This is because the consumption of spicy food may result in heartburn or acid reflux. You wouldn’t want to scare your lover with heartburn on the day you guys are finally tying the knot.


2. Cheese

The mouth-watering nature of this delicacy might tempt you. Nevertheless, you should avoid eating cheese on your wedding day. Why shouldn’t you consume cheese on your wedding day? The answer is simple and straightforward. Cheese is composed of hard-to-digest fats, which eventually lead to fatigue, bloating, and nausea.


3. Caffeine

Who doesn’t appreciate a hot cup of freshly-brewed coffee? You need to curb this craving on your big day. Drinking coffee on your big day may cause anxiety, which is something you should avoid on this day. It is advisable you substitute coffee with herbal tea, which will help calm your nerves.


4. Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol on your wedding day. One day without alcohol will be kind to your system on this special day. Alcoholic drinks such as carbonated beverages and beer release carbon dioxide in the stomach. The release of this toxic gas will result in belching and bloating. Would you want that? I don’t think so!


5. Fried Foods

Resist French fries, chicken, and all types of greasy foods on your big day. These fatty foods may cause fatigue and low energy levels. You should consume foods such as nuts. Salads and avocados. They will bolster energy levels and keep you active throughout this day.


6. Carbohydrates

What do we mean by carbs? We are talking about crackers, potato chips, bread, and dried fruits. These foods all contain unhealthy amounts of carbohydrates. Consuming them may result in the production of gas during digestion, which will lead to belching and bloating. It is advisable you consume grains such as buckwheat, millet, and rice. This reduces bloating and increases digestibility.


7. Granola Bars

Eating a granola bar equates to consuming a full candy bar in terms of sugar levels. Opt for protein-packed seed and nuts such as chia seeds and almonds to keep yourself full.



The foods outlined above are just some of the many foods which you should avoid on your wedding day. There are many foods which affect the body negatively. Cultivate a balanced and healthy diet routine before and on your wedding day. This will help you avoid embarrassment on your special day.





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