Your wedding is the occasion for you to celebrate the love you and your partner have for each other. So, why not make the best out of it? Choosing to have a destination wedding is a fantastic way of making this day even more unforgettable by adding the thrills of a unique location.


Planners Says These Are The 7 Most Magnificent Elements of a Destination Wedding


With Spain becoming the most popular wedding destinations, finding the best Spanish wedding agency to help with the planning will not be a problem.

Before you go ahead with organizing your big day, take note of the outstanding elements of a perfect destination wedding recommended. You will find in this guide a list of the top features of a destination wedding recommended by the best wedding planners in Spain.


1.The Invitation Cards

Your invitation cards are the first thing that lets your guests know what to expect. You want to blow their minds straight away so, make sure you choose a design that communicates your unique personality and style. Give them something to anticipate the trip. Because who doesn’t enjoy the prospects of a weekend on the Mediterranean coast?


2. A Unique Venue

Say bye to your same old hometown wedding spots. And hello to a place that is unique and unforgettable to mark your special day.

Spain has the most romantic wedding venues in the world. From luxury 5-start hotels to breathtaking Moorish castles, from modern private villas to rustic chic haciendas.

From stunning panoramic sea and mountainside views, rural vineyards, and olive groves that stretched out for days, you will be able to find the venue of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you want a sunny beach, a bohemian, an art-deco, a countryside, Cortijo, snow-capped or traditional Spanish wedding.


3. The Walk Down the Aisle

This moment is one of the most emotional and symbolic of your wedding day. You, therefore, will want to make a statement with a grand entrance. Set the right ambiance, choose beautiful music, have a unique lighting setup, and nail everything with a fabulous wedding dress.


4.Outstanding Decor

A beautiful wedding doesn’t work without spectacular decorations. Get your wedding planner to think out of the box for refreshing ideas that will surprise you, guests. Fairy lights and hanging lanterns are great but have you ever seen crystal-inspired lights and ivy chandeliers loaded with hanging flowers? It’s time to find hidden pearls on Pinterest.


5.Floral Arrangements

Nothing states magnificence more than a lavish floral arrangement at your wedding. From your bouquet to your reception flora layout, exotic and bold flower compositions will definitely wow your guests. Think of intricate floral table runners, flower walls, and even a floral cake.


6. Gastronomy 

Most wedding planners agree that the food you serve at your wedding is what will probably be the one thing most people will remember for the longest time. Treat your guest to some of the local delicacies of your location. Spain is renowned for its gastronomic excellence. So, you might as well take your guest on a savory trip with creative entrees, sumptuous buffets, and some delicious Spanish wine.



The last detail for the most amazing destination wedding is entertainment. Letting your guest have a good time is a way of showing appreciation for their presence. Therefore, think of hiring a professional DJ or band that will raise fire on the dance floor. Remember Spain is known for its wild parties. You have to act quickly to get the best.

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