Getting invited to a destination wedding is such an honorable thing. It makes you feel good about yourself and your relationship with the couple. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to go on a memorable vacation. In your excitement, you may choose a wedding outfit that falls in the ultimate no-no outfit category.


Planners Advise Can a Guest Wear White to a Luxurious Destination Wedding                                                 


White, black, and bright red are some of those colors. White is traditionally reserved for the bride and it’s best to avoid it at all cost. Even if she is a carefree person who is not interested in any peculiarities, it’s polite not to wear it. There is a sea of other more appropriate colors such as turquoise, emerald, and nude colors to choose from.

Times have changed and so have wedding outfits. In this article, we’ll explore reasons you should or shouldn’t wear white to a luxurious destination wedding.



Traditionally, brides wear black at Spanish weddings. Their veil is also black and the entire outfit signifies the bride’s commitment to her groom. Nonetheless, you may receive pointed looks from the other guests and family of the bride because you seemingly want to steal her shine. It’s even worse if it’s a high-end Spanish wedding.


2.Personal Reasons

Some brides ditch white wedding dresses because they want to truly express themselves on their wedding day. To them, a white dress is stereotypical and virginal. Hence, they opt for other colors that represent their beliefs, ideas, and feelings. Although this may seem like the perfect excuse to wear white, we at Spain4Weddings advise that you shouldn’t. The bride may be worried that some invitees may mistake you (lady) for her.  This is a valid concern because white wedding dresses have been common since the Victorian era.

Here are the instances when it’s okay to wear white to a luxurious destination wedding.


3.That’s What the Bride Wants

Some brides explicitly state that all wedding guests have to show up in white. This request will be on your wedding invitation so read through it carefully. In this case, you have no choice but to respect her wish and show up in a presentable white outfit.


4.Your Outfit Has Other Colors

Ask the bride before the wedding day if you can wear an outfit with white patterns. If she is okay with it, then go for it. However, the other color should largely overshadow the white. You can match your outfit with chunky jewelry, a bright-colored belt, or a non-bridal hairdo.



It’s not unheard of that guests are told to wear white to a beach wedding. In that case, you have the bride’s blessing to wear it.  


Summarily, it is okay to wear your most flattering outfit to a wedding as long as the bride approves of it. Wear an outfit that makes you feel good and less you in the bride’s good books.

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