Maybe for some people using a wedding planner seems like a no-go, having someone with a silly walky talky head set on screaming demands at you whilst you’re walking down the aisle trying to enjoy the happiest day of your life! However here at this will NEVER happen to you no no no…because we only offer top notch wedding planners.

Firstly you might be asking yourself why do I need a wedding planner? Well in reality planning a wedding at home can be extremely stressful but planning a wedding abroad in a country where they speak a different language, have a different way of working and just being in a country 1000 miles away you’re probably going to need some help. A wedding planner is really someone who takes on a lot of the tasks and just leaves you to make the final decisions they also are great if you’re worried about forgetting something on the big day. Here at we really recommend the use of a wedding planner especially if you already have a very busy life back home, the wedding planners we have for you are all wonderful and professional and one of our newest members is Wedding Stories a wedding planning business set up by Karolina Rafalowska.

Wedding Stories is an event company that is based in the heart of Barcelona and where better to have your beautiful wedding eh?  Karolina is an expat herself and so she knows how it feels to be finding your way in another country as well as being able to speak both English and Spanish she really could be a great asset to your wedding organising. They can help you with organising any detail of your wedding day but whilst giving you the freedom to plan your wedding exactly to your tastes.

We asked Karolina herself to give us and you some insight into her business and how it can help you and this is what she said…

I started my own wedding agency 4 years ago, that’s when I realised that that’s exactly what I want to do in my life. My specialty lies within planning and all my working life I have gained experience in this area. From organising shows related to fashion and dance and managing exhibitions to major events such as the UEFA Euro 2012 opening ceremony. However, wedding planning has always been my passion and being an expat myself I decided to help international couples get married in Spain. After a careful analysis of my competition I realised that I can add something more to the industry. Passion, creativity, an eye for detail and most importantly a personal approach to my couples is what makes my company unique. For me it’s not another client, it’s another adventure with a couple that is looking for something special and my job is to help them create the dream wedding that they always wanted. For that reason I prefer to keep my agency small and not to take too many weddings on myself. I work with every wedding personally and I tend to keep it that way!

She also had some very nice things to say if you’re looking to have you wedding in Spain and especially in Catalonia…

Spain and especially Catalonia offers an endless variety of perfect wedding venues and settings. From vineyards, national parks and historical gardens to luxury hotels with mesmerising views over the Barcelona skyline and the sea. Besides, with a temperate climate and sun almost all year round there is no need to worry about the weather. In addition, Catalans love their gastronomy. This, together with the influence of cosmopolitan Barcelona forms a great mix of mind blowing local and international food and wines.

In short: Catalonia breaths culture, charm and romance and undoubtedly this is exactly where you will find your ideal wedding location.

Here are some photos of weddings that Wedding Stories have helped to organise…


Photo credits go to Wedding Stories. Thanks for the snaps guys they’re beautiful! Love the team at

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