Wedding Experiences at this venue:

“We had the most beautiful day of our lives”
09.09.2017 / Guillaume & Libe

“We had the most beautiful day of our lives during our wedding here. Getting married is a wonderful day in itself, but it comes with a lot of things to organize and some stress. With them, we discovered the relief of the best support, organization, easiness, detail thinkingization, easiness, detail thinking during the 2 days celebration. The food was literally amazing, our guests had a blast, the wedding planner team , staff and concierge always providing the best service you could dream of, not to mention the very classy rooms and incredible views! It was absolutely perfect! We strongly recommend it and cannot wait to come back in such a magical place.”

“This will remain memories for life”
09.07.2016 / Rachel and Joan

“We had our dream wedding in this venue, everything was perfectly organized. The wedding planning team managed everything and said yes to all our demands, all guests said that it was the most amazing wedding they had seen in their life, the place was paradisiac, we did the reception and dinner as a cocktailon and dinner as a cocktail and buffet in the terrace in front of the sea, we had barbecue, oysters, sushis, cheese, finger food etc… Everything was delicious! This will remain memories for life”