When it comes to your wedding day you obviously want everything to go perfectly. Not everyone chooses to use a wedding planner on their special day and this is of course entirely up to you.

Some minor things you might forget without the help of a wedding planner might be: Signage at the ceremony, handing out little bags of confetti to the guests or forgetting to leave a menu card on each of the dining tables.

We chose not to use a wedding planner for our wedding in Spain, which led to a slightly more eventful beginning to our wedding for our guests…

Picture the scene: a beautiful, sprawling farmhouse set amongst the wild pine forests in the hills of Catalonia, a winding mountain track leading up to the house, all the guests are in their finery and on a coach making their way to the venue and are excited to arrive. Little do they know, however, that the coach driver has not been informed of the large car park at the end of the track where he can turn his large coach around. Upon entry to the driveway the coach driver starts reversing his coach backwards down the winding track until, to the shouts and protests of the guests, everyone decides it’s far too dangerous on the coach, demand to be let off and proceed to hike, fancy dresses, heels and all, down a 2 kilometre-long dirt path.

Yes, imagining my friends and family “hoofing it” through the dusty forest that day in August with temperatures nearing 30 degrees is still an image which makes me shudder years after my eventful wedding day!

Other fun parts of the day which went slightly awry included losing the table plan just an hour before guests arrived and the theme song for my walking down the aisle being far too quiet, I mean who can listen to Jimi Hendrix quietly?! The fact that no space had been left in the set-up of the dining tables to allow for dancing (one of my very favourite things) and that we all had to drag tables and chairs off to the sides of the dancefloor now only slightly niggles in my memory!

Luckily since then I have been able to accept that these little hiccoughs were a result of taking on a bit too much for myself and leaving too much until the last minute. I also sometimes think, “Hey, it was spontaneous and rustic”- just like my husband and I!

Honestly though, with the joy of hindsight, I do wish we had used a Wedding Planner. If only to have someone who shared in the sheer amount of time and attention needed to be spent on all those specific details.

MC Event Planner are the latest members to team up with Spain4Weddings to help couples plan their dream destination wedding in Spain. These dedicated Wedding planners have all the knowledge of the field to overcome any issues you may have on your wedding day, often before they even occur.

We spoke to Marian of MC Event Planner about why her events planning company is different to others out there:

She said:

Our service is personalized, unique and we are always eager and at your disposal when needed. We are not a “wedding factory”, we organize only a limited and selected number of weddings per year, this enables us to personalize each event 100% ensuring a unique and made to measure wedding. We do not have a standard wedding package as we believe that every wedding should be as different and varied as our clients.

A couples’ interests become our interests; we will always look out for those interests. We consider our commitment to be more than just a written contract, we realize the great importance of such as special day which also becomes special to us.

At MC Event Planner we believe in high quality and only working with the best professionals

Our experience has showed that the best way to evade errors and mishaps is by designating one person to manage all concepts and planning, for this reason together we elaborate a personalized and made to measure project and organize everything step by step including every little detail.

We work together to save both energy and money for couples, managing and seeing to all tasks including the most trivial ones, making sure that this experience does not become a nightmare.

On hiring our services we will help to plan, organize and coordinate your wedding from start to finish. We will put into action all your ideas and search for all the services you require , coordinating your wedding day to make sure that everything turns out perfect. We do not have exclusivity with any service or provider thus giving us more options and choices for each wedding.

Check out some of MC Event Planner stunning portfolios pictures from real weddings here…


All photo credits go to MC Event Planner, thanks for the inspiration!

Love from the Team at Spain4Weddings xx

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