After visiting The National Wedding Show in London this past February one thing was for certain: no bride or groom at the National Wedding Show went hungry. There were wedding cakes galore at the show and our representatives enjoyed tasting all of them.

From black cakes to cakes made to look like stacked pillows the wedding cake designers at the National Wedding Show had a cake to fit every type of wedding.

The predicted wedding cake trends for 2017, according to the wedding cake experts interviewed at the show, include cakes that go against the traditional wedding cake look and add a personal touch to every wedding.

Wedding cakes in 2017 are all about the finishing details. The wedding cake designers at the National Wedding show demonstrated this through intricate lace finishes and decorative sugar flowers and sugar blossoms on the wedding cakes. One wedding cake designer (interviewed in the YouTube video posted) said that each one of their cakes take about three to five days to finish because just one wedding cake can have up to 100 sugar flowers.

Floral wedding cakes were a popular item at the wedding show. These cakes included sugar roses, sugar blossoms and other types of confectionary floral designs.

Another interesting trend amongst the wedding cakes at the National Wedding Show was a coconut flake finish on top of the cake to give it a fluffy appeal. The most popular wedding cakes at the show were adorned with sugar flowers and a coconut finish.

What about the filling? Just as the decoration of the wedding cakes is breaking away from tradition so is the interior of the cakes. Couples are asking for more than vanilla or chocolate cakes and demands are moving more towards exotic flavors. One flavor of cake that was extremely popular at the National Wedding Show was piña colada. The piña colada flavor pairs nicely with a coconut finish to the cake and gives the cake a personal touch that sticks out from other more traditional wedding cakes.

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