Your wedding in Spain is indisputably one of the most critical events in your life. It should be magical. One of the smart things you can do to guarantee that is avoid making the most common wedding-planning mistakes that could cost you a memorable celebration. These blunders to steer clear of include the following.


Most Common Wedding-Planning Mistakes Couples Make and How to Fix Them


1.Disregarding Your Wedding Budget

Blowing off making a reasonable wedding budget can be disastrous. Obviously, money is not the top most important aspect of the occasion. Even so, it is bound to affect almost every part of it. This includes the wedding venue, the number of guests you invite, the wedding gown you pick, plus food and drinks.

Before you begin making any plans, work with the love of your life and your Spanish wedding planner to create a reasonable budget. It should cover your needs and those of your expected guests. This way, you won’t have to worry about what your friends and family will have or where they’ll sit instead of having the time of your life.


2.Assuming Some Guests Won’t Make It

As you may have already heard, about 10% of your invited wedding guests might not show up. If yours is a destination wedding in Spain, make that 20%, but don’t bank on it. You should never hire a small wedding venue or cut down your catering budget because you hope a small portion of your wedding list won’t come. You don’t want to embarrass yourself.

It’s safer even to assume that more guests will show up. This ensures that the venue capacity is enough for the final guest list. It also allows your wedding planner in Spain to make the perfect catering plans. 


3.Forgetting a Rain Plan

Most couples often get caught up in the excitement of having their dream outdoor wedding that they forget to make a rain plan. Some even deem rain on that day an impossibility. The truth is, perfect weather is not a guarantee on your wedding day. Should it rain, imagine all the things that could go wrong (although you can still capture some perfect shots!).

To create an excellent rain plan, consider working with a reliable wedding agency in Spain. It should help you budget for the tents, umbrellas and other necessities if it rains on your nuptials.


4.Not Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Your luxury wedding planner in Spain might have told you about this. Not hiring a skilled or experienced wedding videographer is a bad idea. How else can you relieve the day you married your significant other? Besides, you might not notice some fantastic moments on that particular day. Watching the wedding video is the only way to observe them and appreciate what a great day it was.

When hiring a wedding videographer, make sure they fit into your current budget. Don’t forget to sign a contract that outlines everything that’ll be expected of them and you.


The blunders mentioned above are just several of the most common ones couples make when planning their nuptials. Avoid them at all costs. You can even research the steps to planning a wedding in Spain to ensure that you don’t miss out on any critical details. 

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