In every wedding there is that one man who doesn’t always seem to fit in that much and no it isn’t your weird uncle Sam but the photographer but of course this is the job of the photographer! Many people don’t realise but the more understated the photographer the more special, unique and personal your photos will be. Of course there will be the organised group photos that might need some direction but in other cases you don’t want a photographer who stands out too much and that’s why Spain for weddings has picked a real corker with our recent photographic addition Andreu Doz.

As a photographer he has travelled the world not only snapping weddings but also researching the different types, styles and traditions of various weddings and cultures. This just shows his commitment to making sure that every wedding that he captures is done so in a personal way and that nothing will shock him or cause him to be unprepared as he literally has photographed it all! He is also available for those before and after wedding pictures that’ll help you to remember every part of the magical process before and after your dream wedding here in Spain.

We spoke to the main man himself and this is what he had to say…

Photography is my life and what I really enjoy about my work is capturing unique moments and emotions on people’s faces. In the last 6 years I have photographed more than 120 couples all over the world! I love to travel, learn about different wedding traditions and explore new places.

Every couple is different and every wedding has a unique story to be told. I like to illustrate those stories and preserve the emotions for this and future generations of friends and family.

My goal is to create spontaneous and dynamic images without attracting attention to myself. I adapt to every type of situation, but make sure my style never changes. My biggest reward is the smile of satisfaction on my clients’ faces when they see the photos. My dream is to be able to photograph weddings without any barrier or limitation.

“OMG” “WOW” “STUNNING”! These were just a few of the words thrown about the office when we saw his gorgeous photographs of the wonderful weddings he has photographed so far. We also had a secret sing-along whilst flicking through the gallery which we thought was the perfect touch, go ahead and have a look (and a listen) on his website here Andreu Doz or just have a gander at some of our favourites below…


Photo credits of course go to Andreu Doz. Thank you so much for the beautiful pics we love them here at

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