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Your wedding won’t last forever but, your wedding photos will. So what makes a great wedding photo?

No matter the venue, the food or the dress what is going to guarantee that you get the wedding photos you want are the people behind the camera.

It is important to find wedding photographers who pay attention to detail and who work to ensure that you have an entire portfolio of high quality wedding photos. Every couple wants to make sure they walk away from their wedding celebration with not only a few posed pictures but the entire story of their wedding day in photos.

Wedding photography with an eye for detail! These wedding photos are truely something to swoon over. The photographers at Lovelylove know exactly how to tell each unique wedding story through their photography.  Their images use different angles and work with natural lighting to make every photo they take tell a different version of the same event. LovelyLove was born from the union of two photography studios in order to give greater coverage to the growing demand for weddings in Spain.

At Lovelylove Photography you are offered an exclusive product; directed toward a select audience that looks for a unique style of wedding photography.

These professionals, who have extensive experience in the sector, have perfected their process to be able to deliver their wedding photography services with a guaranteed warranty in any part of Spain. With physical studios in Castellón and Valencia their specialty is destination weddings, which means that these photographers are accustomed to traveling for work.

The company always utilizes two professional photographers at each wedding in order to capture your story from two different perspectives making the portfolio more complete. They are very selective with their suppliers and the portfolio is delivered in a unique album of the highest quality, including a multimedia screen where you can view the video of your wedding.

Couples often like to play their wedding photos on the screen after the wedding. To guarantee that each couple is satisfied with the portfolio, during the production phase, the couple will approve a proposal of selection and layout. Then, after the work is approved by the couple, the company will finalize the binding contract. The couple will receive the product directly to their house. In addition, the company delivers a USB memory stick of the photographs in high quality with a slideshow of your entire wedding portfolio.

Since the proposal is valid all over Spain this includes the photographers moving around to different locations within Spain with the wedding party. Along with the main album two exact replicas will be given to the couple to give to their friends and families.

Undoubtedly, these professionals are chosen because of the high quality they offer as a company and the guarantee of an optimal price for their services.

Like what you see? Contact us and we can help you figure out if Lovely Love is the right wedding photography company for you.

All photography in this post is the work of Lovelylove Photography