A destination wedding is a wedding that’s done away from the couple’s area of residence. It can be in the same country or another country. To many, having a destination wedding is their biggest fantasy. The thought of doing something different from the norm, having spectacular wedding photos to share on social media, and the thrill they’ll get from telling others about their destination wedding is all too alluring.



However, there is a big question of whether or not it is possible to have a destination wedding without ever visiting the venue. Many will say it is better to take a look at the venue before your wedding day because you’ll see things for yourself. You’ll decide what you want at the wedding, who you want to handle it and other details firsthand. However, not visiting your venue beforehand isn’t going to make your destination wedding a mess. In this article, you’ll find out it’s possible to have a destination wedding without ever visiting your venue. How then do you go about this? We will talk more on this in the succeeding paragraphs.


1. Ask to See Photos

Asking to see photos of the entire venue is very important since you do not plan on doing a pre-wedding visit. Photos of every nook and cranny of the venue should be sent to you. You should demand pictures of the reception area, restroom, surroundings, and everything you should know about. It’ll give you a clear picture of what your destination wedding will look like.


2. Get to Know the People Handling Every Sector

You have to know everybody who will play a major role in planning your wedding. From the wedding planner right down to the hired hands. If possible, check their profiles online and how good their services are. You can also ask for recommendations from the manager of your wedding venue. You should get in touch with them to know the plans they are working on.


3. Ask Detailed Questions

Now that you know them, ask them detailed questions about everything. This includes; the amount they charge for their services, the type of services they offer, and the options you can choose from. You can also ask if you can come along with drinks, food, etc. Furthermore, it is important to know what the law requires before a wedding can be celebrated in that area. It will be a shame to make elaborate plans for your perfect wedding and have it all crushed by a single legal error.


4. Ensure It Is the Right Time of The Year

There is almost nothing as important as choosing the right time of the year for your destination wedding. Having a wedding during the festive season equals more expenses and less privacy. You can’t have a beach wedding during winter except, of course, you happen to be the Snow Queen. Therefore, the right season will help you and your guests pick out the right outfits, avoid excessive expenditure, and prevent embarrassment.


5. Be Polite and Patient

Planning a destination wedding is usually very hectic, and you may be tempted to vent out your anger on someone else. That isn’t a good idea at all. It’ll be in your best interest to be polite and patient with those tasked with making your wedding a success. Screaming over the phone will only make them mad, and angry people do bad jobs.


6. Draft A Budget

Drafting a specific budget that includes even the tiniest expenses is a plus. It’s even better if you set aside a sensible amount for miscellaneous expenses. Miscellaneous expenses refer to unplanned expenses. Expect the unexpected and plan for it. It is better to be overprepared than underprepared.


In conclusion, despite the scary tales of destination weddings that went wrong because the couple didn’t visit beforehand, you can actually pull this off. As long as you’ve gotten the basics right, the surprises that may come your way won’t ruin your destination wedding.

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