Online dating apps like Tinder and Badoo over the years have become more popular especially among youths. Dealing with crazy work or school schedules may not always allow you to have a normal social life. 



The great news is with modern technology, you can find a potential partner with just a swipe. The question is can you trust a set of algorithms to find true love? While the prospect of finding a potential match in a relatively short time compared to the real dating process seems quite a catch, there’s a side of dating apps you should be aware of before you set out.


Start Slow

Due to a lack of physical interaction in the first stages, a lot of people tend to lie about themselves as a way to cover up their insecurities. This can contribute to diminishing your self-worth if you feel the need to lie to attract someone. The pressure to be appealing pushes to extremes. A lot of couples who met via dating apps have testified that the key to finding true love just like in real life is honesty. While dating apps may speed up the meeting process, it’s up to the pairs to make things work.

 It’s common for people on dating sites to use fake profile photos to attract more people. 61% of dating app users get reported for misrepresenting themselves. We generally base attraction on physical appearance so, it’s quite easy to get fooled by a fake profile. Face-to-face communication is very important in other to grab someone’s real personality. Body language goes a long way in deciphering people’s real emotions, especially in relationship contexts.  If you are wary about meeting a stranger there’s always video calls. Start slow.


Be Cautious

Others go as far as using these apps to hold multi relationships with different people at the same time. You need to be cautious about how much information you reveal until you can be sure of their intentions. Be aware that a lot of people will try to curtail their answers to suit your expectations. This is not to discourage you from trying out this experience. Make sure you know what your reasons for joining a dating app as this will help your filter unnecessary requests.


The Advantage of Dating Apps

On the bright side, the advantage of dating apps is that algorithms are created to match you with persons who share similar interests with you. Core values, principles, faith, beliefs are all parameters used to create a good match. Dating apps allow you to meet people from different works of life. This can help you get a clearer picture of what you want your true match to be like and recognize it once you meet. Statistics show that 2 out of 5 couples meet through social media and many more people nowadays are open to trying online dating. You just might be lucky. True love is worth giving it a shot. Your better half might just be one swipe away.


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