Creating a wedding guest list is a massive problem for most couples. It gets even harder when you are not sure whether or not you should invite your ex. Thinking about inviting your ex can be a nightmare.

Is it ever appropriate to invite an ex to your wedding_Photo by Jordi Tudela
Photo by Jordi Tudela

Though you wouldn’t want to think about it, it’s obvious that both you and your partner dated at some point in life. Actually, either of you might have had a relationship that ended amicably, and now, you two are good friends.

Regardless of how friendly you both are, it is a little awkward to have your ex present on your wedding day. Is it appropriate to invite them? Supposing one of you is okay with it, and the other isn’t, what happens? Naturally, having your ex-lover at your wedding is a very sensitive issue. Nonetheless, here’s what we think about this situation. Let’s take a deep dive, shall we?


Invite Your Ex If:

Everyone Is Ok with It

Before giving your ex the official invitation, sit with your partner and talk about it. Not only that – think about how your closest friends, family members, and the family of your fiancé will react. Put yourself in their place and imagine any feeling they could have. Remember, it is your wedding, and what your partner feels is much more important. Moreover, neither of you will want to be carried away by someone from your partner’s past!


He or She Is Your Former Spouse, and You Have Children Who Will Love to Be at Your Wedding

This is a good one. It is your wedding day, and your children are feeling nervous about it. They want to be part of this beautiful day but will prefer to come along with their other parent (your ex). If you are in good terms with your ex, why not give them a chance. But first, make sure everybody is 100% comfortable with it.



Do Not Invite Your Ex If:

Everyone Is Not Comfortable with It

You might be good friends with your ex, but chances are, your friends might not like the fact you invited them. So, do not invite them if you don’t want people asking why your Ex is present.


You’ll Have Trouble Introducing Them

If the thought of introducing them to your family, friends, and in-laws feel weird, do not invite them. If you still think of him or her as your ex, then you take them off your guest list.


You Are Worried About Their Reaction

If you are worried about your ex’s behavior, do not give them an invitation card. This will save you from any form of embarrassment.

In conclusion, it is your wedding day, and you should make it the best day of your life. So, if you’ve both agreed to invite your ex, treat them as you would any other guest. Ensure that they feel comfortable. Greet them warmly, and thank them for coming! The day is all about you and your fiancé(e). Have fun, and let nothing deter you from that.






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