For most couples in Spain, the rehearsal dinner is just as important as the wedding. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to practice in advance and share some fantastic moments with your loved ones.


      How to Throw an Unforgettable Rehearsal Dinner                                           


As a couple, aim to kick off your big celebration in the most memorable way possible. The tips below can be handy in helping you throw an unforgettable rehearsal dinner in Spain.


1.Do Some Research

Your wedding rehearsal is not your nuptial’s competition, but it still needs to be insanely interesting. Your guests should leave looking forward to the big day. Therefore, before you begin planning your rehearsal dinner, research the top rehearsal dinner ideas in Spain. What are the tastiest dishes to serve? How about some fun touches as you and your betrothed prepare to tie the knot? Don’t forget that this is the time to set the mood for one of your life’s most important day. Strive to impress!


2.Make the Perfect Guest List

Note that not everyone needs to be at your Spanish-style rehearsal dinner. You can invite only your close friends and family. If your party officiate is not among them, make sure they get an invite and allow their spouse to tag along. The best thing about sending these invitations is that you don’t have to be too formal; a text or phone call will do. Also, make sure that your rehearsal dinner guest list fits your budget. You don’t want to spend tons of cash on your pre-wedding party and ruin your wedding or honeymoon plans.


3.Create a Rehearsal Dinner Video

Lots of couples in Spain create a video for their casual rehearsal dinner. You could also consider it to entertain your guests and tell your unique tale. Remember to pick only the highlights since not every photo contributes to moving your love story forward. Don’t forget to throw in some childhood shots. Your guests need to know how adorable the two of you were.

Your rehearsal dinner video should be short lest you bore your guests. It is best to pick music that fits your personality and that of your loved one.


4.Choose a Great Venue

Your rehearsal dinner’s venue is critical, and you must be careful when choosing it. It should match the theme you have set for the party in terms of color and the fun things you plan to do. Also, make sure that the venue is affordable and easily accessible unless you want some of your rehearsal dinner guests to bail out last minute.


5.Pick Activities to Help the Guests Mingle

The last thing you want is your rehearsal dinner party in Spain to feel like one cold, lonely cage. Make sure to introduce those who haven’t met yet, and choose interactive activities that you could do. Icebreaker cards are a great idea. You can also consider DIY cocktail mixing or ask your guests for fun suggestions.


Rehearsal dinners are typical in Spain. Take your time to plan the perfect pre-wedding party with your partner, and consider the tips provided above. Also, there are many other things that you can do to guarantee perfection. Examples include decorating your venue, creating a playlist, making a fantastic and diverse menu, and giving some meaningful gifts. Good luck!

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