Your big day can turn into a three-day luxury wedding experience and here’s how you can plan everything to make it perfect.

How To Throw A Three-Day Wedding Extravaganza

Nowadays, couples decide to extend their wedding budget a bit more to throw a three-day wedding including a welcome party, and after-wedding brunch, and other incredible experiences that make a luxury wedding a true dream come true.

To achieve a perfect outcome organization is key. A one-day-only event requires a bit of preparation, imagine what a three-day wedding extravaganza might need. But there’s no need to fear, following a well-assembled itinerary is the secret to throwing a wedding weekend experience that your guests will never forget. Below you can find a detailed how-to guide that you can customize for your wedding and have the most unique and never-seen celebration.


Day 1: Chill Welcome Party

The first day of your luxury wedding weekend should begin with a welcome party for all of your out-of-town guests. Generally, it is thrown two or three days before the wedding day but just be sure that the majority of your guests have arrived.

This welcome party is a small and chill part of your luxury wedding weekend, so there’s no need to go all-in with a million decorations or have a whole different budget for this one.


Day 2: Traditional Events

The second day of your luxury wedding weekend should have the main events such as your ceremony and reception. This day might need a bit more planning and scheduling due to the importance of it and the many details to take care of such as hair and makeup, the different things to do like tossing your bouquet, hearing speeches, and more. All this tends to add up and take its time, so make sure to just have the ceremony and reception on your agenda in case one or the other extends more than planned.

Most couples look forward to the reception to enjoy a tasty meal, have a great time with their loved ones, and have a laugh after a very emotional ceremony, so don’t be afraid to make this part of your wedding weekend longer than others.


Day 3: Final Brunch

After the extremely fun luxury wedding weekend, a great final event to have with your guests is a farewell brunch, where everyone can wind down and have a chill meal while saying goodbye to each other (especially the out-of-town guests). This small event can be held in the hotel lobby, someone’s backyard, or the couple’s parents’ house; it doesn’t have to be extremely fancy or anything because it is a more symbolic event. Further, anyone can host this brunch from a friend to one of the couple’s parents.

With a few aperitives, you can assemble a nice-looking and delicious brunch with as many guests as you want. There’s no rule here so feel free to invite your inner circle only, the guests who came from afar, or anyone you feel happy to share this last moment with.


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