Love stories characterize most Spanish weddings.

A beautiful wedding story describes how you feel with and without your significant other to the eager audience. This story depicts how love took you unaware when you weren’t searching and has carved the path of your life up until this very moment.


How to tell your story on your wedding day. Photo by Las bodas de Pantamaría
Photo by Las bodas de Pantamaría.


Every couple will love to share their love story on their wedding.

All these lovely moments are all in your mind and you will love to share them with your guests. They will thrill your guests and are incredibly exciting.

Funny enough, a majority of couples carry out little or no planning for love storytelling. This is a very important activity and like all other activities, you must plan for it.

We shall guide you on how you can tell this love epic in the most ideal way possible.




1. Write Your Own Vows

Reciting your own marriage vows is one of the most ideal ways of telling your love story.

During this activity, you are at liberty to share some very intimate reasons which made you choose each other.

You can share stories on how you first met, your first kiss and other significant turning points in your lives as a couple


2. Through Music

The use of music is a classy way to tell your love story. You do this through a selection of songs which signify important aspects of your life as a couple.

All you need to do is to make an intelligent choice of songs, hand the songs beforehand to your DJ and let him do his/her magic.

The mix of songs should have relevance to the several phases you went through before your wedding.

This way, your guest will have a peek of life before your wedding.


3. Puppet Show

This is an unconventional but interesting way to tell your love story.

It’s no secret that everyone’s love for puppets goes as far back as their childhood.

So, telling your love story through the wonderful and rib-cracking art of puppetry makes this moment attention-grabbing for all your guests.

Shaping the puppets as your look-alikes will make this moment even more interesting. It is advisable that you hire a professional puppeteer to handle this task.


4. Story Telling Cake

This is a creative and captivating way of telling your story.

You can narrate your story to the person in charge of your cake. He/she can then display your story on the several layers of the cake. This way, your guests will comprehend how it all started without you uttering a word.


The above points are some ways in which you can let the cat (your love story) out of the bag on your wedding day in Spain.

These are proven unique ways in which you can let your guest understand the extent of your love for each other.

Try to tell your story in the best way possible and let the world marvel at the epic love you share for each other even years after your wedding.




How to tell your story on your wedding day

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