The ABC of virtual wedding shower planning to enjoy a wonderful day with your close friends.

How to Plan and Host a Virtual Bridal Shower

Since the pandemic put a stop to many weddings and special events related, many planners and brides found a new and safe way to celebrate with their loved ones.

In this article, you can find the key elements to plan and host a virtual bridal shower and have as much fun as you’d have on an in-person celebration.


Create A Virtual Wedding Shower Guest List

Just like the one you’d have at your in-person wedding shower, a virtual wedding shower guest list is a much-needed part of your planning. This helps with invitations, video-conference capacity and duration, activities, games, and many other important things that take part in your virtual bridal shower.

Your guest list can be the same as your wedding’s (or rather a part of it). Or you can also include people who can’t make the wedding such as out-of-town friends, distant relatives, new friends, more coworkers, and anyone you’d like. Although virtuality gives room to more people, the essence of a bridal shower is to share the moment with your inner circle.


Send Virtual & Paper Invitations

Even though you’ll be hosting your bridal shower from the comfort of your home, sending physical invitations is highly recommended. This is a great way to remind people of your special day and give them something to store forever.

Many virtual invitations pass unnoticed or are forgotten in the mail or mobile phone, so sending a traditional invite can help. Furthermore, hosting a virtual wedding shower doesn’t have to take away the fun and beauty of stationary.


Include Virtual Bridal Shower Activities

Don’t let the virtual part of a bridal shower stop you from including games and fun activities on your special day. There are many different ideas you can opt for such as hosting a movie night with your special gals or opening gifts from afar–where your guests can previously send you the packages and you open them on your virtual bridal shower day or you can ask them to open them for you while the virtual gathering begins.

What’s more, having a cook-out competition or your favorite food delivered to you can be great options too if your guests live in the same place as you or nearby because you can all order from the same spot and enjoy your food together.


Host A Virtual Bridal Shower Recap

Virtual bridal showers have become an excellent choice since the pandemic started, and now that slowly everything is coming back to normal, brides are still choosing this option due to the easy and fast organization process it has.

Hosting a video conference for your bridal shower is a very fun thing to do. And if you include games, food, or any other special thing you’ll surely have an unforgettable moment with the people you love before your super special wedding day.

Make sure to create a guest list, send virtual and physical invitations, and have a brief schedule with games and activities to spend a wonderful time.

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