A wedding rehearsal is simply practicing for the activities which will be carried out at your wedding ceremony involving the various participants. It is usually done a day or two before the wedding day proper.

      HOW TO PLAN A REHEARSAL FOR YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY                                           


Rehearsing properly is the first step towards making your wedding day the best day of your life. But your rehearsal is only as good as it’s planning. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss several tips on planning a good wedding rehearsal. Before that, we will discuss the different types of wedding rehearsals.


Types of Wedding Rehearsals

Generally, there are two types of wedding rehearsals; the welcome party and the dinner rehearsal. A wedding party rehearsal is made up of guests and it involves the rehearsal proper, brunch, dinner, and other games or activities. A rehearsal dinner involves just close family members and a few members of the wedding party. It usually begins with the rehearsal proper and ends with dinner. Given both types, you can decide whatever style suits you.


Planning the Rehearsal

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss those things you should consider when planning your rehearsal.


1. Create a Guest List

You have to be very discreet in choosing guests for your rehearsal especially when you are working on an estimated budget. You should invite the wedding party, very close family relatives, a few friends, and the officiant. If you have people traveling into town for the wedding, you should invite them too. Somehow this could serve as a welcome party. To help make it more organized, you can send out formal invitations with R. S. V. P., so that it gives you the headcount of those coming for the rehearsal. This will help with catering and sitting arrangements for this event.


2.Pick a Venue

When picking a venue, you should take into consideration the theme of the rehearsal. It could be inspired by a favorite activity, a color scheme, or locale. Other considerations asides the theme are the allocated budget and the number of guests you are expecting. You should choose a venue that is closer to the accommodation because you don’t want your guests to drive for long distances on the eve of the wedding.


3. Setting the Time

It is always preferable to start at about 5:00 pm because the evenings are always ideal for activities such as the rehearsal. An ideal rehearsal should last for 30-45 minutes, followed by bonding over a couple of drinks for the next 15 minutes. Allocating an hour for all that saves time such that the rehearsal dinner starts at 6:00 pm. Dinner should end at 9:00 pm to give everyone enough time to go home, rest, and prepare for the big day.


4. Create a Playlist

Make a playlist featuring all your greatest hits as this is your opportunity to choose the perfect tracks to use for your big day. This will help you pick out the order of play as well as the track for your first dance. To spice it up you can consider hiring the services of live bands.


5. Choose a Menu

Your choice of food can be the same delicacies you have chosen for your wedding day or something completely different. Variety is more appealing so it is better to choose something different from the wedding day menu. This will depend on your theme. If it’s casual, a barbeque will be great but avoid excess alcohol to avoid hangovers on the wedding day.


A well organized and detailed rehearsal will give you the best wedding experience. As it is often said, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” Be meticulous with the preparation for your wedding rehearsal so that you can have a great wedding ceremony.

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