Did you know that honeymoons comprise a $12 billion-dollar-a-year industry?

What used to be a luxury is now considered the norm as more and more couples are opting for a honeymoon. With all the planning that goes into a destination wedding it is not hard to put planning your honeymoon on the backburner.

Believe it or not most couples do not spend much time at all planning their honeymoons. According to a research study by Trip Savvy on average, couples book their honeymoon 4 months prior to the wedding.  


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Planning a honeymoon can be much easier- and more fun- than planning a wedding. It is a special treat for you and your SO and the only person you need to worry about pleasing is yourself… and your partner, of course.


So if you have run out of time and you are trying to plan a destination wedding honeymoon in less than a month, no worries! We will take you through the four steps to planning your ultimate destination wedding honeymoon.



1. Set a Budget


Sit down with your partner and lay out the expenses of your wedding. It is important that you are both on the same page about the honeymoon budget. Decide together how much you are comfortable spending.


2. Narrow Down Your Options

We suggest picking your three top destination honeymoon spots and starting the research from there. If you have limited time there can be too many options and places to choose from. Narrowing down your destination to two or three places before you start searching for other details can greatly reduce your workload and make the final decision much easier.


(When discussing where you should go on your honeymoon it is a good idea to discuss what types of activities you are both interested in. Are you looking for adventures or a relaxing week on the beach? These kinds of questions can help narrow down your possible destinations list as well.)


3. Research, Research, Research

       Did you know that many hotels and resorts offer discounts for couples who are on their honeymoon? There are many ways you can save money and get great deals just by doing a little extra research. Even if you are running low on time, a few days spent researching different options can end up saving you a lot of money. We are living in the age of technology and couples are using social media and Pinterest more than ever to plan their weddings and honeymoons. According to Trip Savvy, “80% of honeymooners in the last 5 years used social media to research their destinations.”


4. Book the Accommodation and Make a List

     Once you have laid out the budget and found your dream destination it is time to book your honeymoon! Make sure to keep a file with all of the booking confirmations and informational paperwork just in case. We also reccomend creating a “to-do” list for things that you want to remember for your honeymoon. When you think of an item or an errand that needs to be done add it to the list and encourage your SO to add to the list as well.


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