Incorporating different cultures in a destination wedding is ideal way to make this ceremony unique.

There is something romantic and breathtaking about exchanging vows in an unexpected and unusual environment.

This is probably the reason why destination weddings are rapidly growing in popularity. Social media serves as the ultimate travel inspiration.

With global travel being quick and inexpensive, organizing destination weddings abroad is less complicated than before.


How to incorporate different cultures in a destination wedding. Photo by Jordi Tudela.
Photo by Jordi Tudela.

Apart from getting married somewhere beautiful and exotic, why do you want to have a destination wedding?

Truth be told, each and every couple has their own unique reason. There is one exciting reason we would like to propose.

A destination wedding is a chance to infuse local traditions and culture into your destination wedding. Destination weddings can actually be a curious thing to plan and execute.

A lot of couples equally wish to incorporate several cultures into their Spanish destination wedding. This, however, implies that there’s something of a culture shock for couples and their guests during their destination wedding.


Use these few tips to incorporate different culture while planning your destination wedding.


1. Plan ahead of time

If you are planning to have two separate wedding ceremonies, it’d be good to host them about 3 to 6 months apart.

Actually, it might seem strange having a second wedding. This will, however, blow your mind away.

To avoid any form of disappointment, you should plan ahead of time even if you’re planning to host a single event. This is to make sure you infuse everything from both cultures.


2. Weigh Your Options

Couples who are not from the same cultural background can choose to celebrate their union in many different ways.

Both partners need to come to a common agreement and make common decisions before getting to the wedding proper.

These decisions mostly depend on a matter of logistics – cost, locations, and timing more than any other thing.


3. Incorporate both cultures

There are several creative and fun ways to infuse details from each side. This will help both families to better understand each other. The most prominent ways include;

  • Rituals: Cultural weddings, for example, Spanish weddings involve a lot of rites unfamiliar to people outside of the culture. Therefore, for guests not to be left out, it always a great idea to describe what’s going on in each stage of the ceremony.
  • Food: Presenting a combination of food from both backgrounds at the receptions is also idea. It is the perfect way to make guest from both sides feel comfortable. It also gives them the opportunity to explore new
  • Music: A great time to break out all the top hits you love is during the reception. During this time, do not forget to include traditional wedding dances into the mix.


4. Include your own style

It is very difficult to forget your own style when trying to incorporate both of your cultures.

Do not forget you have your own unique style and don’t let it get eradicated in the mix!

Make sure to incorporate those elements your both love.









How to incorporate different cultures in a destination wedding

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