There is one part of most weddings that is often ignored. This part is the gap in-between your ceremony and reception. This is a gap which can pose a considerable problem most especially to your guests. However, this can also be an excellent opportunity to extend your celebration.

How to fill the gap between your ceremony and reception. Photo by Rita Experience
Photo by Rita Experience

Those whose wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place in a location different from your wedding reception, then this gap is inevitable. What matters is how long it will take, how you’ll fill the gap, and where it’s going to take place. Your actions will significantly influence the happiness and joy of your wedding guests. The main thing you need to consider when it concerns this gap is the wedding vibe. A wedding time gap often leads to complaints from a lot of wedding guests.

You’ve exchanged your vows in front of your family and closest friends. Now it time to celebrate all together! You wouldn’t want to kill your mood and that of your guests by having a very long wedding time gap. Accurate and proper timing is essential to the success of every wedding ceremony.

Having a time gap between your wedding ceremony and reception feels like the day’s schedule is awkwardly thrown away. Do not worry, a time gap between the ceremony and reception is very common. Now the big question is; what can you do to handle this time gap?

Here are some brilliant ideas you should use to fill this gap.


Keep the gap as short as possible

You’ll likely end up with a wedding time gap if your wedding ceremony and reception take place at two different times. So, make sure that the gap between the ceremony and reception doesn’t exceed 1½ hour. This is to avoid breaking up the flow of the wedding. However, if there’s a way to merge the two, go for it. It is worth it to keep those dear to you happy, excited, and satisfied.


Organize an activity

Organizing a group activity is one of the best ways to keep your invitees busy during a wedding time gap. Activities like visiting a local garden or museum will keep your guests funky during this period. Also, you can organize a trolley tour of the city for all your invitees. This will be a thrilling moment, most notably for your out-of-town guests. These activities will only add to the excitement of your wedding day. Your wedding guests will appreciate your efforts.


Take Wedding Pictures

This is the most common way you and your guests can spend a gap between your ceremony and reception. A break between ceremony and reception might be time for pictures. You can have your photographer choose a favorable location for you. This also shouldn’t take more of your wedding time. Consequently, you should have a precise program which you need to follow.


Whatever your choice might be, try to consider the time, comfort, and happiness of your wedding guests.





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