Marriage proposals should be as special and unique as the couple who is getting engaged. Today, there exist various types of wedding proposals. Some of them include; outdoor proposal, flash mob proposal, romantic proposal, animal proposal, luxury proposal, rooftop proposal, destination proposal, etc.



These different types of wedding proposals indicate that there exists no fixed rule for what kind of proposal you should have. Have you been brainstorming trying to figure out what your marriage proposal should be like? If you have, then, you no doubt would be worried about the kind of proposal that exactly fits your relationship or one that will appeal to your partner.

In this comprehensive write-up, we will discuss some points to help you figure out what kind of proposal your partner would want. Sit back, relax, and read on!


1.Examine Your Partners Personality

Whether you have been courting for some months or years, you most probably know a few things about your partner’s personality, their likes, and dislikes. Take a keen interest in their preferences and disposition as these will help you have a good idea of what proposal they would prefer. For example, if your partner is outgoing and extroverted, then, an elaborate public or outdoor proposal could be a memorable experience for everyone. On the other hand, if your partner is rather quiet and introverted, then, an outdoor proposal might just be stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, ensure that you take into account your partner’s personality, preferences, and wishes when thinking about how to pop the ‘will you marry me?’ question.


2.Choose a Location sentimental to Your Partner

Since proposals are about creating a lasting impact, choose a location that is sentimental to you and your partner. Such a location will appeal to your partner and appear to be very romantic. When deciding on the ideal location for your proposal, carefully think about all the places you’ve visited that bring to mind fond memories of your relationship. Maybe it’s the first home you lived in together, the place you first expressed your love for each other or the restaurant you went to on your first date. If your partner continuously proves to have an extraordinary sentimental attachment to any of such locations, this would be a clear indication that they will prefer a romantic proposal.


3.Be Alert and Attentive

The benefit of paying attention during a discussion can’t be overemphasized. Women for example, generally give clues as to the kind of proposal they will prefer. This most often comes up during those times you get to discuss a future life together. They may talk about a certain proposal they witnessed or one that occurred to a friend and how it made them feel. Make sure to take advantage of such clues.


4.Cooperate with your Partner’s Best Friend

There is a reason why some friends are called “Best Friends”. This is because you can share your intimate thoughts and ideas with them whereas you can’t do the same with those you simply regard as friends. So, if you would like to know what your partner has been thinking will be the perfect wedding proposal for them, simply ask their best friend.


So far, we have discussed some helpful information on how to figure out what kind of proposal your partner would want. Nevertheless, bear in mind that each relationship’s situation and circumstance are different. Any type of proposal that is popular and well-spoken of, may not be exactly what works for your partner. So, use the above information only as a guide to help you choose accordingly.

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