Read about 3 meaningful and exciting Spanish wedding touches that you must add to your luxury wedding.

 How To Embrace Your Traditional Style With Spanish Touches For Your Luxury Wedding

Wedding planning is exciting and fun, although for many this can seem stressful and a bit overwhelming, and it will be a day to remember for sure. If you’re looking to plan your wedding in a stunning destination you should highly consider Spain, which is known for its ancient and respected traditions, full of beautiful meanings and spiritual connections.

From planning the reception, menus, entertainments, and more, a lot gets lost in between the process. To truly design the wedding of your dreams that will embrace your style, below you can find some incredibly meaningful Spanish touches that will take your luxury wedding to the next level and make this day the best of your life.


Wear Your Engagement Ring On The Other Hand

Wedding rings symbolize unity and commitment, and unlike most American brides who wear both their engagement and wedding ring on the right finger of their right hand, Spanish fiencées wear their engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand and once the wedding ceremony finishes, they wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand.

You can incorporate this beautiful tradition in your luxury wedding and stand out from the rest, plus it looks amazing!


Incorporate A Spanish Wedding Ritual

The most popular Spanish wedding ritual features 13 coins (known as arras or unity coins) that have to be shared between the bride and groom that represents their commitment and love to share the goods they have now and in the future together.

The coins are bought by the Godparents (called Padrinos in Spanish) which also symbolizes their approval and support to the couple. They are kept in a small decorative box that is later presented to the priest during the ceremony, later blessed and given to the groom to pour them in the hands of the bride. The bride accepts the coins and puts them back in the box, finalizing the ritual. It is typically done after the ring exchange and just before the couple says their vows.


Add Confetti

Traditional Spanish weddings are accustomed to throwing either dried rice or rose petals to the consolidated couple once the ceremony is over. This is a lovely touch to add to your luxury wedding and it symbolizes fertility and prosperity for the newly-weds, as well as good luck in this new journey and everything that comes with it. It makes a beautiful scene for taking photos as well, with tiny white dots in the background as if it was snowing!


Your wedding day will become one of the best days of your life, in which you will want to have beautiful traditions and Spanish touches that will ensure not only a one-of-a-kind ceremony but also a stunning and beautiful personal moment between you and your partner. Adding some of these Spanish traditions will embrace and accompany your style while making your luxury wedding very unique and special.

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