Engagement photos are the first time for lots of people to “model” for a camera. It’s quite scary. So what are you supposed to do? Never mind! We’ve got you covered.

How to ditch the nerves and get the best engagement photos ever. Photo by FotoClip
Photo by FotoClip

Here are some ways to ditch those nerves and take killer photos.


Dedicate Time to Planning Your Attire

Your attire for the day should be given special consideration. An excellent way to start is by asking the photographer for his/her opinion. It is important to dress well but feeling like yourself is also essential. For the ladies, you can go for red or blue flowy solids. Intricate patterns are a no, because they may not match your surroundings. For the gents, your attire should be in line with your fiancée’s. A good option could be a stunning tailored suit with a tie. When you are comfortable with what you are wearing, that air of confidence steps in. This will result in lovely images.


Choose a Great Location

This is most definitely a key component to having a great shoot. You are probably tired of the places in your town. So hop in the car and take a road trip to neighboring towns and spots. These towns would have scenic settings, and this will be a foundation for a great shoot. If you want some next-level special, take a mini-vacation to a gorgeous place. Be adventurous and give yourself the best photo session ever.


Be Lost in Each Other

At that moment, have in mind that it’s just you two on the planet and no one else. You both love each other than anything else on the globe. So forget there is a photographer right there and feel the love around. As earlier said location is key. Private spots tend to get a couple more comfortable which leads to some beautiful imagery. Ditching the nerves can be quite tough irrespective of the love in the air. Well, there is an easy solution to this. Talk to each other. You may recount a romantic or funny moment that you both shared. A joke may be great. That’s what it usually takes to kill the tension and keep you relaxed. If you try this, your shoot will be an epic one.


Follow the Light

You must have probably heard of this before. That’s because it’s vital. Ideal lighting is crucial to your engagement photos. This could entail waking up in the early hours of the morning for that sweet morning light. Or waiting for the evening to shoot at that golden hour before sunset. You should choose soft golden light when shooting as it adds beauty to your photos. You should also have a backup time. Just in case the weather doesn’t do you justice on that day.


Take Your Time

If you want engaging and authentic images, then you should rush. Be sure to take your time. You should plan smartly with your photographer and have more than one location. You could have a sunrise and a sunset location. This will give you plenty of time to take amazing photos. It’s better to have 100 amazing lifelong memories than 500 rushed images.


Now that you know how to ditch those nerves, you can now go ahead and take the best engagement photos ever.






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