How To Choose Music For Your Wedding 

You’ve probably meticulously thought about how your wedding day is going to look, but have you considered how it might sound? Intertwined with the symphony of human percussion, you will need to handpick an entire playlist of musical numbers to complement the ambience of your special day. These selections will dictate the pace and mood at different stages of proceedings, from the laid-back, formal tones during the wedding breakfast to the more vibrant and energetic evening songs that will put everyone’s newly worn-in wedding shoes through their paces.

How To Choose Music For Your Wedding

Instead of spending hours aimlessly scrolling through your music collection looking for songs you might want to feature, it can be helpful to approach this important task with a bit more structure. In this post, we provide you with the three steps for choosing the perfect wedding soundtrack.


How To Choose Music For Your Wedding 

1.  Break down the day

Naturally, different parts of a wedding day will lend themselves more to certain genres or types of music. Unless you want to be sent down the aisle with a rousing rendition of the ‘Macarena’, it’s important to separate your music choices for different aspects of the day. To start with, split up the schedule into different sections. You can be as granular as you like at this point – the more detailed you go, the more in-tune your musical choices will be with the day.

Getting ready, guest arrivals, the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and finally the reception will all require different backing tracks. Rather than creating an entire playlist for the whole day, make the task easier for yourselves by doing it one bit at a time to give each element the attention it deserves.


2.  Choose a vendor

You could have made the most ideal song choices for your wedding playlist, but if you don’t get the right performer in, all your hard work will have been wasted. At this stage, you will have to make a choice about who you want to entrust with providing the soundtrack for your day. There are plenty of things to keep in mind at this point. For instance, if you value the originality of a live performance, you may want to opt for a party band or solo singer, while the versatility of a DJ will suit some weddings better.


This decision isn’t one to be taken lightly. If you have no idea whether you’d prefer a live performer or DJ, take your time and do plenty of research on what each option could offer you. Once you’ve found some potential suppliers, make sure to request samples or check online reviews from other couples who’ve used their services before. This way you can be sure that your performer perfectly aligns with the vibe of your wedding.


3.  Let your guests be your musical influences

Your friends and family may not have been your biggest musical influences in the past, but for one day only you should draw inspiration from your nearest and dearest. Whether you ask people to leave requests to make part of the wedding playlist or you decide on songs you know they’ll like, this is a great way to ensure you’re hitting all the right notes with your musical choices. Even one meaningful song performed by your live artist can live long in the memory of whoever you associate it with, so incorporate some of these special tracks into your soundtrack.


Of course, it will still be down to you to vet their selections to ensure they’re in keeping with the mood and theme of the day, but this is an excellent way for your guests to contribute to proceedings.


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