It might seem intimidating to resolve everyone’s dietary restrictions at your wedding. But this really isn’t a difficult task.

How to accommodate dietary restrictions at your wedding. Photo by Martin Berasategui
Photo by Martin Berasategui

Beyond food allergies, many people consume certain foods for ideological or health reasons. For example, being a vegan. This is a fact you should consider and accommodate when planning your wedding menu.

From guests with nut allergies to Paleo diet followers, there are many dietary restrictions to take note of. It’s necessary for you to plan for a wide variety of needs ranging from preferential to essential.

Caterers have a million and one ways to handle situations like this. So, work in collaboration with your wedding caterers in order to satisfy all your guests.

Here’s a list of things you can to accommodate dietary restrictions at your wedding so that everyone can have a good time:


1. Ask on the invitation

It is difficult to know who has dietary restrictions when inviting people for your wedding. The best way to find out is via your RSVP card. Think of adding a text box on your RSVP card asking your guest to let you know of their allergens or dietary restrictions. This permits you to have a better idea on the type of dietary restrictions you will have to accommodate. You can do same on your online RSVP if you are using electronic invitations. You’ll have to ask for special requirements, meal preference, and food allergies. It will be a big plus if you obtain this information earlier. This will give your caterer enough time to prepare a team, crafts recipes, and order food.


2. Budget for the cost

Although some dietary needs may come with additional expenses, others can be less costly and easy to accommodate. So, talk with your caterer about the best way to minimize cost. Remember, the joy that comes with offering your guests with safe options is priceless.


3.Talk to your caterers

If some of your guests have dietary restrictions it is important to let your caterer know well ahead of time. Many caterers have experience to modify their menus to specific needs. These caterers also have the ability to give healthy suggestions to keep your guests well-fed, healthy, and happy. However, this can’t be made possible without the right caterer. Choosing the right caterer plays a vital role in accommodating dietary restrictions.  Go for those with the proper training and knowledge in food safety.


4. Keep food separate and label

Make sure all food items are separated and properly labeled. To do so, plan with your caterer few days before your wedding. Ensure your caterer highlight’s common allergens, like, wheat, dairy, seafood, or nuts. These labels should also comprise of basic ingredients.


You can equally ask your caterer to in the calorie count per serving. This is all those who are on weight watchers or some type of special diet. To all forms of complaints, your caterer should have a warning stand to indicate the risk of cross-contamination.






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