Your wedding is the biggest party you’re ever going to throw! And since it’s the most special day of our life, you obviously want to invite all your friends and family from all the phases of your life to see you walk down the aisle like the princess that you are. 

How To Decide How Many Guests You Can Invite To The Destination Wedding

How great would it be to be able to invite every single person in your life, because after all, sharing is caring!

However, reality hits hard, doesn’t it? The budget comes in the way and there goes our dreams. But hey, guess what? At Spain for Weddings, we ensure that you don’t have a hard time with your invitation list, because we offer you as much help as we can. As we said, we’re in this with you, for you. 


1.Divide and Conquer

Don’t forget that there is someone out there who is as excited as you are for your big day, if not more. Your parents!

From giving birth to you, taking care of you, watching you go to college, your parents have cherished every moment of this journey. This should definitely tell you how excited they’re going to be when it’s your big day. Communicate with the parents about the guests and discuss the number of guests they want to bring in and accordingly come to a conclusion.


2.Add Plus-Ones Regularly  

Well, if you haven’t thought of this particular plus one, you most definitely should sit down and start thinking!

Isn’t your girlfriend in a relationship? Will it be rude to not invite her mate? Well, you know best! So, we should leave this to you, but hey, you know we’re here to take care of anything and everything that you need, right?


3.Remember the principle of reciprocity 

If you’ve recently attended a friend’s wedding, you can invite her to yours if your event is similar in size. 


4.Establish a Deadline 

Call if you have not received a response by the date specified on your invitation. Your caterer must be informed—and you must be informed!


Wondering Who To Cross Off Your Guest List?

1.Family Members Who Have Gone Missing

Don’t feel obliged to invite relatives to your wedding if you haven’t spoken to them in years. Remember that your wedding is a celebration for you, your fiancée, and your immediate family; it is not a family reunion. Don’t feel obligated to invite anyone in your extended family.



Just because you share a cubicle or sometimes have lunch with someone at work doesn’t mean they have to be on your guest list—especially if you’re planning a small wedding. Instead, organise a happy hour at work to commemorate the occasion.


3.Long Lost Friends 

Your wedding is not necessarily the only event that can rekindle your friendship, so don’t go on that guilt trip and cut short that budget.



Have a happy wedding!

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