Spain’s breathtaking beaches and coastlines are a prime destination for couples who desire a beach wedding. Alongside beautiful landscapes. Spain is also reputed for hosting some of the most high-end weddings you can imagine.


Four Ways to Decorate a Luxurious Wedding Ceremony Held Beachfront

With some of the world’s best wedding planners, you are sure to make your dream come true. If you are looking forward to celebrating your D-day with a magnificent ocean-blue backdrop, here are four glamourous decor ideas for your luxurious beachfront wedding.


1.Gold Inspired Decor

Adding gold accents to your wedding décor is a sure way to create a sense of opulence.

And a touch of glamour that will light up your setup.

Create a frame of elegance with golden geometric hanging lanterns filled with white blooms as aisle decors leading up to a white trellised structure covered with white draperies for a sophisticated setup for your ceremony.

 For your reception decor, include bold golden centerpieces with crisp white floral arrangements, a gold-framed blackboard as signature, or go for a rush of gold and white silverware for more sophistication.


2.Tropical Island-Inspired Décor

Turn your wedding site into a tropical oasis with an exotic flower aisle and a beautiful round arch made with palm front and colorful blooms. For a tropical luxury wedding, do not hesitate to go for a rich and vibrant setup. Go for geometric stationery to add a touch of elegance and modernity. Greenery installation chair back décor and bold and juicy centerpieces with a mix of vibrant flowers, palm fronts, coconuts, or citrus fruits accompanied by an assortment of candles. Both on the tables and the sand for a warm glow. If you are feeling extra, set up an all-white lounge area for your guest with a geometrically shaped bar and neon lights for your guests to relax.


3.Sea-Side Inspired Décor

Get your guest all excited to join on for your special day with elegant watercolor stationery that gives off wave-like or ocean vibes. Your décor should be centered around creating a breezy yet sophisticated atmosphere. Complement your ocean blue backdrop with original nautical embellishments such as calligraphed oyster or seashells as placeholders, starfish escorts, or vibrant netted buoys vase placed on the sand. Go far tall crystal centerpieces loaded with coastal flower arrangements. Set up orchid-filled vases and white pedestal blooming lanterns to complement a modern and glam mirrored pedestal for your wedding ceremony. 


4.Royalty Inspired Décor

Create a lavish yet elegant setup with royal purple, blush, and pink accents and fine filigree complemented by the aquamarine blue backdrop offered by the sea. Go for a huge wooden trellised altar adorned with blush chiffon draperies and an aisle packed with lavish bouquets of lavender, pink and white roses.

When choosing centerpieces, go for towering glass vases with large displays of well-packed arrangements to create a sense of grandeur despite being by the beach. Top it off with regal chinaware on gold or patterned chargers could with gold silverware for a final touch of majesty.


These are our top four decor ideas for a luxurious destination wedding. Whichever style you decide to adopt, do not forget to always look for the wow factor. You can always hire a Spanish wedding planner who will help you find the best vendors to bring to life your dream wedding. 

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