A destination wedding is every future bride’s dream. In today’s era, destination weddings represent 25% of the wedding market as compared to 5% a few years ago. Couples, wedding planners, and others are getting super interested in planning destination wedding for themselves and their clients probably because it is luxurious, memorable, cheap, and stress-free. Choosing a suitable location and timing for the wedding is one of the most important things to note when planning a destination wedding. It means much more than just a few hours of fun in a crowd or on a dance floor with less of everything. Therefore, the idea of a destination wedding is to make this once in a lifetime experience unique, memorable.




A lot of people wish to have and plan for a destination wedding but think it is mainly for upper-class citizens who can afford the luxury. Do you crave a destination wedding but feel like you can’t afford it? Are you scared to propose such a wedding idea to your spouse to be because of the high costs? Do you think you won’t be able to go in for a destination wedding as planned because it is way above your budget? Not to worry! In this article, we will outline some smart and clever ways you could use to trim down your destination wedding budget.


1.Plan Ahead of Time

Budgeting entails a lot of planning. If you don’t plan ahead of time, you will always exceed your allocated budget. Therefore, preparing for a destination wedding which is out of your hometown cannot be void of pre-planning especially when you aren’t familiar with the location. Having a picture in mind of everything needed for your wedding beforehand can help reduce the cost of your wedding.


2.Go Only for Priorities

Some things are not necessary for destination weddings given that they are casual. For instance, all the fancy wedding gowns and luxurious suits are somewhat unnecessary. Avoid spending too much on dressing and makeup and give more priority to things like payment for the location, feeding, transportation, lodging (if you have to take care of that too). However, many couples encourage their guests to pay for their stay rather than buying gifts. Applying this might be a clever way to trim down your budget.


3.Choose a Less Costly Wedding Décor

Natural decoration can be a very good and less costly option for a destination wedding. Therefore, spending a lot on artificial decorations is unnecessary when your location is already naturally decorated. Usually, destination wedding venues already have natural beauty, which is an advantage and allows you to save a great deal.


4.Plan with Family and Friends

It’s very important to make use of the connections you have, rather than paying professionals and wedding experts to plan your wedding. If you have friends or family members who are DJs, wedding planners, MCs, etc., consider employing their services. They might be a cheaper option.


There is the common adage that goes thus; “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Having the destination wedding of your dreams depends solely on how well you plan it. Poor planning leads to excess spending and disorganization. As earlier mentioned, it is very possible to have the destination wedding of your dream for an affordable budget. All you need to do is plan properly and enjoy your day.

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