Spain is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and is an outstanding honeymoon choice for newlywed couples. It is ideal for those in search of a fairytale paradise, a sunny beach, or simply an adrenaline-packed break. All you need is the ideal location to strengthen your love or go on an amazing adventure.


The country is endowed with an array of attractions, delicious cuisine, a soothing climate, and interesting history. There are many alluring areas to hit that are ideal for an intimate getaway. In this writeup, we will make our pick the five most romantic honeymoon destinations in Spain. Let’s dive straight into it.


1.San Sebastian

Also known as Donostia in Basque, San Sebastian is a resort town nestled in Northern Spain’s Basque Country. This enchanting town is renowned for its first-class restaurants, gorgeous beaches, and quaint Old Town. San Sebastien is home to an impressive cathedral surrounded by astonishing landmarks. The town is packed with local eateries which give you the experience of a local Spanish community. It hosts one of Spain’s most beautiful beaches, Playa de la Concha, which could serve as the ideal romantic spot.



Situated at Andalusia, Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain, Granada is another alluring Spanish city which could serve as the ideal honeymoon location. It is regarded as one of the prides of Spain and is honored by tourists from all over the world. The lifestyle in Granada is affordable when compared to other parts of Europe. However, it has a lot to offer. The city is home to forty-five stunning beaches which highlights its beauty. Its captivating Alhambra hilltop fortress is a sight for sore eyes and this is just one of the picturesque wonders this city is adorned with. Is there a more romantic way to begin this next chapter of your life?



Renowned for its flamenco dance—hailing from its Triana neighborhood, this distinctive city is one of Spain’s most dazzling honeymoon destinations. Newlyweds looking for adventure can take boat rides on its Guadalquivir River. It is perfect for those looking to create unique moments that will be engraved in their minds for years to come. The Arabic Baths of Aire de Sevilla also allows couples to enjoy intimate steam baths together while sipping a glass of Sevilla’s finest wines. Be it culture, tradition, cuisine, or history, Sevilla has it all.



Situated at the mouth of the Turia River on Spain’s Eastern Coast, Valencia’s has got it all. It offers a perfect blend of history, amazing nightlife, and beautiful sandy beaches. Also, its small number of tourists makes it the ideal destination for couples looking for a quiet but amorous getaway. Visit its El Carmen neighborhood to get a feel of the city’s passionate nightlife and mouth-watering restaurants. What more could you ask for?



It doesn’t get any better than this! Art, romance, football, and scenic sunsets characterize this seductive haven. Barcelona is curled up between the sea and the mountains and its elegant beaches in La Costa Brava give honeymooners something to look forward to. Being the birthplace of the famous painter and artist Pablo Picasso, this great city blends art with Romanesque architecture. Its vibrant nightlife, romantic cruises, and sunset views from Turo de la Rovira give couples the perfect getaway.


There’s nothing more to say. You’ve heard it all. Spain is as close to the ideal romantic fantasy as you’ll ever get. Enjoy food, architecture, and sandy beaches while creating memories that will last a lifetime. There’s no better way to start a new chapter in your life.

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