“Yes, I do”, three words that mean embarking on a new exciting adventure. For many couples, it is all about creating the perfect scene so when they look back 40 years down, they’ll have sweet memories of the best day of their lives.

        EXPERT TIPS FOR FINDING AND BOOKING THE WEDDING VENUE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU                                         


We, therefore, decided to assemble a list of tips from experts on finding and booking the perfect wedding venue. From picking the location, setting a date to figuring the style that will be perfect for you, we will walk you through a set of important tips to securing the venue of your dreams.


1. Date

You need to book your wedding venue 12-18 months in advance. The sooner you set a date, the more chances you have to secure your dream venue, and the greater the options you get to pick from and even set a back- up plan.



What location do you want for your wedding? Is it an out of town wedding? How will your guest be lodged? Is the venue accessible? What are the security and parking details of this venue? All of these are vital for choosing the perfect venue for your wedding. We often emphasize the importance of an effortless transit from point A to point B in case of a wedding with numerous venues. Do not forget these important factors when choosing a location.



Money is a topic that gets most people stressed especially when it concerns their special day. However, this shouldn’t stop you from making your day a wonderful one. No matter your budget, be rest assured that you can get the most beautiful wedding which perfectly fits what you want. Only you need is proper management. Just have your limits in mind and watch out for special packages the venues on your list can offer so you can make the best of it.



Depending on whether you intend on planning your wedding by yourself or get a wedding planner, do not undermine the work of setting up your wedding venue. You should know that choosing sites like hotels which usually offer wedding packages will be less stressful than choosing a garden where the scene will be planted from scratch. After you’ve chosen your wedding venue, make sure you re-visit your venue to make sure things are going as planned.


5.Guest List

Try as much as possible to always keep your wedding guest list in mind when choosing a venue. No point in falling for a venue that can seat 500 people when you have a guest list of 300. It’s ideal to get a venue where your guests will feel comfortable and where conversation will flow seamlessly.


In all, what matters most is you and what you want. After all, it is your day. Your wedding should reflect your personality and portray your style. While most wedding experts serve as guides you are the main captain. Your vision is what will create the perfect day for you and your partner. Trust your instinct and don’t be scared to make daring choices to get what you want.  

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