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Everything you need to know before hiring a luxury wedding planner in Spain

If you are starting to plan your wedding, you have probably experienced some dizziness when looking at the list of tasks that you must complete in the upcoming months. The best solution is typically to engage a wedding planner if there aren’t many services to organise and if you’re new to the industry. Due to this, a lot of couples opt to employ a wedding planner to help them plan their wedding from beginning to end and put it in the hands of experts.

How do you make sure that your fairytale wedding day is everything you’ve imagined it to be since you’ve been dreaming about it for what feels like ages?


Everything you need to know before hiring a luxury wedding planner in Spain

To stay on track while hiring a wedding planner for your Spanish wedding, bear in mind these easy steps:


The Importance of Homework: 

To learn more, look through the websites of potential wedding planners and see the pictures and videos of recent Spanish weddings they’ve organised. Pay close attention to the fundamental components, including the fancy theme, furnishings, colours, lighting, and seating arrangements.


Follow Up With Planners Who Were Selected:

Make a list of your preferred planners and meet with your partner one-on-one to discuss your options. Verify the company’s price range, available wedding dates, and the types of wedding planning services it offers.


Please Verify Your References:

Do not feel compelled to choose a wedding planner right away after meeting them. Spend enough time comparing and phoning the planners’ references to get information about their services, and ideas.


DON’T pick a wedding planner based solely on the aesthetics of their website or Instagram feed:

Set up in-person meetings with a handful of them and request planner recommendations from other vendors like photographers and florists. A wedding planner may be spot-on but yet terribly mistaken.



At Spain For Weddings, we are continually working to adapt our company to the changing definition of luxury so that we can continue to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. At present time, it refers to elegance, a simple aesthetic with global influences, choosing top-notch vendors, and turning a single day into an extraordinary day of your life. Of course, you’re in the perfect place if you require the services of a luxury wedding planner in Spain. We believe it is crucial to define this term.

For us, the idea of luxury has to be present right away as a client engages us. We’re waiting to take charge of your beautiful day, are you in to leave the worries behind and commence a beautiful journey!

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