The cute, little, and delightful cupcakes are as important on a wedding day as the wedding cake. Not only they add a little flavor for your guests to enjoy, but also add a beautiful touch to the decoration of the dinner tables.


1.     Cupcakes can be personalized

If you have a thing for customized weddings, cupcakes is the wedding dessert for you. You can ask your baker to decorate your cupcakes according to our wedding theme. There are countless cupcakes flavors that you can choose according to the style of the wedding you are having. You can also order numerous flavors so that the guests could have the option to choose their favorite one.


2.     Extra Cupcakes must be ordered

While there are some people who skip on desserts after a heavy meal, there are many who love desserts and especially cupcakes. While ordering cupcakes for your wedding, know that you should order more than 1 cupcake per person. The leftover cakes can be used after the ceremony as a snack for the later days.


3.     Fun Decorations

There are a number of fun ways in which you can decorate your cupcakes. You can have customized cupcakes for children with cartoon characters on them and can choose heart shaped fondants for the rest of the guests. The edible pearls and beads, miniature fondant shapes, candies, cookies, and glitter are some of the other beautiful ways to decorate the wedding cupcakes.


4.     Cake Displays

Having cupcakes as your wedding desserts comes with many perks among which, one is the display decoration of the cupcakes. You can ask your baker to help you with the display of the cupcakes they have delivered to you. You can go with any style of display you want, including serving platters, cupcake stands, multi-tiered cardboard, or mini customized cupcake pouches. Couples who prefer rusty looks can also display the cakes on small wooden ladders with fairy lights and rose petals.


5.     No Hassle

After the cake cutting ceremony, the biggest challenge is to cut the cake and serve it to the guests with proper cutlery. Cupcakes will save you from this hassle. You will need no fancy cutlery with spoons and forks. Just order some cute cupcake holders and you are good to go.


6.     Affordability







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