A study found that bridal showers are still very popular with couples. Around 63% of brides have a bridal shower however the cost and scale of each bridal shower varies greatly.


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The BRIDES American Wedding Study 2016, published by Condé Nast, is one of the number one bridal brands and has been conducting the American Wedding Study, a survey of engaged and newlywed women, for over 20 years.


So what should you expect from a bridal shower for a bride who is having a destination wedding?

There are two options; she either throws a local shower or decides to have the bridal shower at the destination.

We will discuss the pro’s and con’s of each of these options below.

1. Hosting The Bridal Shower At The Destination


Pros Cons
  • Explore more of the destination. Having the bridal shower abroad can give you the chance to schedule a fun activity such as wine tasting or a visit to the local museums.
  • The bridesmaids are sure to be in attendance. If you throw the shower at the destination the entire wedding party is already there, meaning there will be less conflicts with scheduling.
  • Pack all the gifts. Hosting the bridal shower can mean that every person not only has to pack or buy a gift for the bride but the bride has to find a way to get all of the gifts home from the destination.
  • Logistics and timing. There are probably going to be more than a few last minute items on the bride’s to-do list before the wedding. When hosting the bridal shower abroad not only will you have to figure out transportation but timing as well so that the bride does not feel rushed or stressed out.  


(Wedding Tip: If the bride is worried about packing all of the gifts it is a great idea to either ask for money, ask that the gifts be shipped to the couples house as opposed to brought to the party or ask for guests to pay for an experience at the destination for the bride and her bridesmaids in lieu of gifts.)

Food is always a good way to celebrate a bridal shower. If you are hosting the shower at the destination look into what types of food are typical from the culture!

Check out this fun video of an oyster tasting by Ostrens in Spain.

2. Hosting The Bridal Shower At Home


Pros Cons
  • Family and friends who can not attend the destination wedding can attend the bridal shower. A destination wedding can be expensive not only for the couple but for the guests as well. When hosting your bridal shower keep in mind it could be a great way to include guests who were unable to make it to the ceremony.
  • A more flexible schedule at the destination. Hosting the shower at home means that there is less of a time limit and the bride does not have to plan to fit the shower into her schedule while at the destination.
  • Difficult to incorporate the destination in the shower. Planning fun and unique bridal showers is much easier when you are at a destination than in your hometown. Tasting wine in the vineyards of Spain or kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea can be hard to beat.
  • Not all of your bridal party is guaranteed to attend. Hosting the bridal shower at home means having to coordinate everyone’s schedule to attend the shower. This is much more difficult at home than at the destination.  


Would you like to host a bridal shower at home or at the destination? Please let us know in the comments below!