Do you plan to get married in Spain? Strive to make your nuptials as memorable as possible. Some timeless tips for doing so include having a signature cocktail, preparing a personalized program, and executing some of the best wedding décor ideas.

      Creative Wedding Favors That Will Delight Your Guests                                           


Since your wedding guests are an essential part of your big day, don’t let them leave unappreciated. Consider getting creative wedding favors to impress them and remind them of your epic occasion.

If you have run out of excellent wedding favor ideas, don’t stress over it. We’ve got you! Here are some of the best wedding favors you can give out.


1.Rustic Candles

As we all know, rustic candles, with their unique scents and designs, are the most eye-catching candles on the market today. Your wedding guests will undoubtedly love having some. They could use them for various purposes, including decorating their spaces back at home.


2.Custom Bottle Openers

There is a high chance that your guests need bottle openers every week. How about getting each of them a custom bottle opener with you and your spouse’s initials on it. Your friends and relatives will certainly think of you whenever they crack open a cold one.


3.Personalized Cocktail Glasses

These are the perfect parting gifts to give your guests on your nuptials. Design them for the wedding reception, but don’t forget to let your loved ones know that they can take them home.

Make sure to explore various ideas when personalizing the glasses or choosing them on the market. You could pick those that match your unique wedding theme. Put custom wedding stickers on them thanking your guests for showing up to celebrate your union with the love of your life.

A great alternative to this classic wedding favor is custom shot glasses.


4.Floral Napkins

Floral napkins are ideal for those looking for creative destination wedding favors. You and your spouse could design them yourself. If you are too overwhelmed with making other plans for your big day, request your wedding planner in Spain to get you a professional with vast experience in making DIY cloth napkins.


5.Beautiful Sleep Masks

All of us appreciate a silky-smooth sleep mask. It enables us to have the best night’s sleep even when we are exhausted. The sleep masks you give your guests on your wedding day don’t have to look the same. In fact, they should come in different colors and designs but have the softest fabric. Your guests will always remember your nuptials’ fantastic moments when they go to bed.


6.Sage Bundles

Let your wedding guests know that you want to maintain the fantastic vibes by gifting them sage bundles before they take their leave. Apart from keeping the bad energy at bay, sage also enhances an individual’s mood, focus, and memory. Your loved ones will thank you later!


These are some the many creative wedding favor ideas you could explore in Spain. Your guests are doubtlessly going to love them. When choosing wedding favors, remember to select options that are personal, unique, useful, theme-related, and noticeable.

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