Food is one of the most awaited things at a luxury wedding and here are unique and not overdone food ideas for your incredible reception.

Creative Food Ideas For Your Elegant Wedding Reception

Whether you’re having a luxury wedding at a wonderful tropical destination or deciding to throw a cozy but elegant indoors celebration, food is a key element of that big day. From choosing the menu to the way every dish will be served, everything matters when it comes to offering a good yet original meal. There’s no need to have a completely different budget for your food, nor go for an exclusive and extremely-fancy option that no guest dares to try. It’s all about combining excellent food that most people like, with unique and formal ways to serve it.

If you’re looking to have some innovative and tasty food ideas for your luxury wedding reception that aren’t overdone, below you can find three different options that will surely be appreciated by your guests and that you and your partner will enjoy very much.


Dessert Truck

Although weddings tend to be fancy and elegant events, no one can resist a dessert truck. Not only is this food idea innovative and loved by all but is also a great touch to remain things a bit more casual, even if you’re throwing a luxury wedding.

Typical ice-cream flavors, along with exquisite tiamisú cups and other frozen treats can make any wedding feel special and appreciated by guests. What’s more, consider adding fresh-baked cookies and even doughnuts to add more delicious fun.

If a truck feels too casual for you, try serving those treats displayed in a nice table arranged in fancy trays or around unique decorations.


Picnic-Themed Servings

If you want to surprise your guests, consider serving the food in small picnic baskets, filled with flowers or other small decorations. Whether the menu includes traditional food, like the one you’d prepare for a picnic, or luxurious pieces of sushi, by serving each dish like this (or maybe just the main course) your guests can have a completely different experience. Furthermore, it looks incredible in pictures.

This idea works great for couples who have their reception in a nice garden or vineyard where people can sit and enjoy their meal like they’re on a luxurious picnic in a castle backyard.



Traditional food lover couples, this idea is for you. Everyone likes a good barbecue, and what better way to celebrate your big day than by throwing a —sort of luxurious— backyard cookout. Pasta salad, burgers, hot wings, pulled pork, and other staples, accompanied by beer, will make your wedding reception very unique while making your guests feel close to home.

To make this food more enjoyable and accident-proof, try serving everything in bite-sized pieces and with small disposable trays. And even the beer can be served in small bottles to make it easier to carry while talking and lounging around. Your guests will love this simple meal that has its own twist. And you can enjoy a traditional and tasty moment too.

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