Destination weddings are becoming an increasingly popular trend in recent years.

Usually preferred by couples who would like intimate wedding ceremonies with close family and friends. They offer the opportunity to create some of the greatest lifetime memories in the most exotic cities around the world.


City guide on your wedding destination. Photo by Cortijo Doña María.
Photo by Cortijo Doña María

Irrespective of what your preferences may be, rest assured that there is a destination out there for you.

With a variety of options ranging from natural scenery and mountain views, sunny beaches and Spanish charm or a magical night skies and city lights, you have the possibility to cement this memory in the sands of time.

With the year barely beginning, there’s sure to be a lot of plans being made for destination weddings. This article will provide some of the best locations for unforgettable weddings.


1. The Cistercian Abbey in Navalus, Aragón

Lovers of the medieval times do not need to look further than the Cistercian Abbey in Navalus.

Located in the heart of in the spectacular Monasterio de Piedra Park (Aragón), it offers the most intricate of scenery with a huge variety of Flora and Fauna.

The birds chirping in the background and sun rays breaking through the tree leaves offer a sense of serenity and enchantment deserving of the occasion.

Surrounded by waterfalls and water streams, it is a paradise for nature lovers.


2. Villa Nicolai, Nerja

The Villa Nicolai offers one of the most enchanting mountain views in the world.

Located on the Costa del Sol in Nerja, this beautiful Hacienda provides the perfect kaleidoscope of scenery where the mountains rush to meet the sea.

The villa itself provides all the services you may need for your wedding and the accommodation of your guest.

The city has enough locations, such as the caves of Nerja and the Burriana Beach, to keep your guests entertained during their stay.


3. Atzaro Agroturismo, Ibiza

This luxury resort lays in stark contrast to the buoyant and festive city of Ibiza.

Located in the midst of an orange farm, it captures the best of Spanish country life.

The Atzaro Agroturismo is renowned for its wedding planning ceremonies and exquisite wedding menu, representing one of the premium luxury wedding venues in Spain.

The wild and vibrant parties the town offers could equally prove to be the perfect opportunity for the couple and guests to have one last rumble in the jungle before tying the knot.


4. Don Carlos Leisure Resort and Spa, Marbella

Also referred to as the Gazebo facing the Mediterranean Sea, the Don Carlos offers several options. They can host the ideal grand beach wedding.

The resort itself goes the extra mile to make individual experiences the most memorable in Spain.

Its beautiful landscape with well-trimmed lawns, swimming pools, and palm trees gracing the background give off an air of exotic sophistication.

Paired with the sunny Marbella weather, this location is perfect for beach weddings.


5. Torre de la Reina, Sevilla

Originally the property of Queen Dona Maria in the 14th Century, Torre de la Reina is a country mansion built around a fort in a beautiful countryside location near Sevilla.

The tower house bespeaks of an era almost entirely forgotten and epitomizes the essential Spanish empire. The entire structure exudes Spanish charm through its garden flowers, fountains, and terraces.

The tower has enough room to provide accommodation for up to 500 guests. In addition to a swimming pool, restaurant, and banqueting facilities.

Guests also have the option of dining or cocktailing in the salon or courtyard in the privacy of their own mini castle.








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