A magical way to express feelings and emotions is by listening and enjoying quality music.

Have you ever wondered how your wedding will look like without quality music?

Choosing your wedding playlist. Photo by Jairom Black
Photo by Jairom Black

I don’t think you will like to imagine that.

The mood you will want your guest and relatives to have on your wedding day will depend on how you plan it. A good wedding playlist gives a positive vibe and tells the personality of the couple.

To make your wedding day a special one, you should have a mixture of just the finest music collection. This will play an important role, so choose a collection that will keep everyone on their feet once the big party begins.

Music varies according to country and tradition. So, getting married in Spain will be characterized by the latest Spanish music.

Here comes the big question, how do I choose a quality playlist for my wedding?

Don’t feel pressurized! The following steps will guide you through.



1. Start Early

Choosing a playlist is a can be daunting, but starting your selection early enough gives you time to come up with the genre of music you will enjoy.

Of course, it will be difficult to narrow down your choices and get them into an order that will make the flow of joy unique.

It is preferable to start your search at least four or five months before the wedding day, except otherwise.


2. Gather Inspiration

Begin your search by having some musical motivations.

Search for love playlists on Spotify or watch some wedding videos online. You might discover some concealed gems you never knew about.


3. Consider Your Wedding Style

Although your music must not match with your wedding style, it’s a good way to keep the feeling interconnected.

Why not throw in some country songs if you are doing a bam soiree.

If you are hosting your after party in a historic home, why not go with a playlist that consists mostly of oldies?

Try to blend every part of your wedding with good songs.


4. Start with the Best Songs

When crafting your playlist, start by bringing out all the songs you’ll definitely need.

There are many things to think about from walking up the aisle to the first and cutting of the cake.

If you plan to get married in Spain, you can work with a Spanish wedding planner to figure out the important songs and later work on completing the rest of your playlist.


5. Make Sure It Is Interconnected

It is important to have an electric mix of songs, but also you should make sure it doesn’t sound awkward or disjointed.

Once you’ve gotten the exactly needed songs, try to make it cohesive.

6. Get Ideas from Your Guests

You can also ask your guest to jot down their favorite music on their RSVP cards or even send to them you online before the wedding date.

When you receive the song, you can then use them to come up with a playlist and hand over to the DJ.

This way, all your guest will get the chance to listen to the favorite songs. This will go a long way to spice the ceremony in Spain.



In any case, choosing your wedding playlists can be an amazingly personal expression of oneself. In the end, the music will always remain in the background. Therefore, allow the wedding to influence the playlist.





Choosing your wedding playlist

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