In most Spanish weddings, choosing the ideal color pattern for your wedding can be quite complicated.

You definitely want to ensure that the whole event looks as beautiful as you’ve imagined.


Choosing the perfect wedding color patterns. Photo by Jordi Cassú.
Photo by Jordi Cassú.

Fortunately for you, ceremony planners in Spain can guide you through.

Also, we’ve put together these important tips to help you make a perfect choice.


1. Consider the Season

During your wedding season, think of the natural landscape.

This will give you some brilliant inspiration for a wedding color pattern.

For example, best colors for winter seasons are deep red, cool blues, and emerald green.

If your wedding falls in a fall month, you can also consider fall colors of warm purples, oranges as a pattern for your wedding.


2. Consider the Tone of Your Skin

While certain colors can be a good match for some skin tones, others might not.

Therefore, to look radiant, pick a color that will best suit your complexion.

Actually, there are many colors that when we put them on, they make us look vibrant and refreshed.


3. Consider Your Venue

Making a final decision regarding your wedding should also be based on your wedding location.

The interior may have wall art, decorated carpet, or other nice decorations that might clash with some colors.

Ensure your colors blend with the venue’s style and ambiance.

For instance, if you’re getting married in a rustic barn, rose and dusty cream will be quiet fitting. Also, soft blues or greens will be lovely for a seaside country club wedding.


4. Look For the Right Vibe

Colors can actually emit a different type of energy, particularly when there are numerous.

Consider the type of aura, or feeling you want people to experience when choosing your wedding color.

Furthermore, know that your wedding day is a special one. With this in mind, do not choose colors like pink, green, and purple.

These colors might make your event look more like an anniversary than a wedding.


5. Do Your Research

Try to find photographs of other weddings.

This will give you a perfect view of the exact color combination that will fit your demand.

If you can’t see one, go online and you’ll see more than enough wedding pictures.


6. Consider Textures

Adding delightful textures like velvet, sequins, or burlap to your décor is a good way to add some flair to your wedding day.

These can make the pattern of your wedding color more beautiful. If you have many other neutral colors, it will add some glamour to your scheme. Incorporate some metallic gold sequin tablecloths, candle holders, or velvet bands for napkin holders.


In actual fact, everything mustn’t seem perfect.

Trying to match every color might make the wedding look overworked. You mustn’t incorporate the colors of your wedding on the ribbons knotted on your wedding chairs, or into every icing layer of your cake.

When you color code everything, you might mix up everything.

Your wedding day is a special day in your life. So, it should be everything you’ve fantasized of, and even more! Make sure you go for colors that will make you feel special.

Decorate your wedding day to fit your style so as to make it memorable.



Choosing the perfect wedding color patterns

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