There are tiny elements that add to the complexity of having your special day abroad after you’ve decided on the venue of your destination wedding. Choosing an officiant is one of these seemingly trivial decisions (yet crucial to the event).

Characteristics to look for an Officiant in a Luxurious Destination Wedding

You might be married by a religious official, but what if you don’t connect with any particular religion? You’ve been tasked with finding someone that not only gets along with you and your partner, but also is comfortable speaking in public and can communicate with your visitors. Before choosing your officiant, think about the attributes that are most essential to you, whether you have guests who speak several languages or who all speak the same language.


Legitimacy is important, always ensure the check.

Ministers who have been ordained online have sparked debate in many parts of the world. The last thing you want to worry about after your wedding is whether or not your marriage is valid, so first and foremost, be sure your officiant is ordained according to the rules of the state where the ceremony will take place.


Get everyone on the same page. 

Always find a wedding officiant that shares your vision for the event. You’ll want to make sure the pastor or officiant is entirely at ease with you and that the three of you are on the same page. After all, the wedding ceremony is the first event with your guests on your wedding day, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day, which is spent celebrating the matrimony.


Personalisation all the way

A good officiant will collaborate with the couple to create a memorable ceremony. It’s fun to have a close friend who is ordained officiate since they know you well, but any good officiant will take the time to get to know you well. Hiring someone with expertise also means he or she knows how to write and perform wedding ceremonies gracefully and confidently.


Completing the necessary documentation 

Another advantage of having an experienced officiant is that they are familiar with the paperwork. The officiant is in charge of obtaining the couple’s marriage licence prior to the ceremony, keeping it in his or her possession during the ceremony, and having two witnesses sign the licence.


Punctuality never hurts

Your officiant should also be on time, arriving at your rehearsal dinner the day before to familiarise himself with the venue and provide vital advice to the wedding party, so that everyone feels prepared and less nervous for the big day. Your wedding officiant should arrive early enough on the day of the wedding to set up. Even if an officiant is unable to attend at the last minute, a conscientious officiant will have a plan in place.


Your wedding – and your marriage – will be off to a perfect start if you choose the proper person to lead your ceremony. At Spain for weddings, we present you with the perfect officiant, who you will easily trust. We are here to always make your special day a tad bit more special.


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