Destination weddings paint a picture of a fascinating event in a picturesque environment surrounded by the ones closest to the bride and groom’s hearts.  Luxury destination weddings take this a step further to include features that most people can only dream of, meals fit for royalty, designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and fancy little extras specific to each luxury wedding.


Can the Mothers of the Bride and Groom Wear the Same Colour as the Bridesmaids in a Luxury Destination Wedding


Despite all this happiness, a drama may ensue if seemingly small but important details are not handled appropriately. One of these is the question of whether the mothers of the bride and groom can wear the same color as the bridesmaids. The honest answer is Yes and No, depending on who is getting married and their preferences. The saying that “different strokes for different people” applies here. Couples have varying opinions on the issue based on their tradition, beliefs, and personal bias towards this question.

As we go further, we will provide answers to this question. 



Usually, the bride and groom’s mothers have a conversation with the bride about her preferences regarding the food, drinks, and all sorts of things. Including what color she’ll like you to wear to her wedding is also essential.

Some couples believe that seeing their moms in matching colors as their bridesmaids gives them a sense of harmony and give the ceremony a cohesive look.

However, some brides prefer the bridesmaids to wear a completely different color from their mom and mother-in-law. Some do not approve of it because they want their mom and mother-in-law to look outstanding.


When the Bride Approves 

If she approves, you can go ahead to buy a dress that is the same color as that of the bridesmaids. Nonetheless, there is no harm in setting yourself apart in some way.

One way is to buy a dress with a different design from what the bridesmaids are wearing. You can buy a free-flowing dress with ruffles instead of the form-fitting dresses the bridesmaids will wear.

Another option is to select a unique fabric that is outstanding. You certainly don’t want to outshine the bride. However, looking like a peasant either won’t cut it. Choose a fabric that accentuates your strong points and distinguishes you as someone important to the couple.


When the Bride Disapproves

If the bride disapproves of you wearing the same color as the bridesmaids, choose another appealing color. It may be the next best option or something similar to what the bridesmaids are wearing. If you attend a Spanish wedding, do well to avoid colors like black, peach, white, except the bride explicitly says it’s okay. Spice up your look with an eye-catchy sombrero or Pamela if it’s a day wedding. A long statement dress in your preferred color will give you the confidence you deserve.


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