As a female guest, choosing the perfect wedding clothes might be difficult because you may be unsure of what colour combinations are appropriate.

Can a female guest wear black to a wedding

Everyone has an LBD in their closet that can be worn to any occasion. Is it time for the office holiday party? Check. What about a dinner date for your anniversary? Oh, yes! Is it your birthday celebration? I wore it for the second year in a row. However, if you’re invited to a wedding, you might be thinking if your go-to gown is appropriate for the occasion. 


While you might assume that wearing black is a bad idea, some experts say that it is quite okay. A popular wedding planner said that traditionally, black was associated with sorrow and was considered a no-no for happy occasions such as weddings, but the norms around the colour have loosened in recent years, and you may now see bridesmaids dressed in stylish black gowns of their own choosing.


Black is associated with mourning

When your mother was receiving wedding invites from all of her friends, black was often right up there with white as a no-no. However, times have changed, and wedding etiquette has evolved as well. Wearing black at a wedding has long been considered a fashion faux pas, especially in the United States, because black is traditionally connected with mourning, said a wedding planner.


Consider how formal the wedding will be

It’s OK for a guest to wear black if the couple is hosting a black-tie wedding at a formal setting, such as a beautiful ballroom or grand museum, noted a wedding planner. Black would appear way too serious and out of place in a casual country atmosphere or a beach scene.


Wedding planners recommend avoiding anything that is excessively low cut, too short, or too tight. While black gowns and dresses are appropriate for most traditional weddings, if you’ve been invited to a noontime wedding or a relaxed, seaside celebration, you might want to choose a different colour. Their advice is to avoid wearing black if you’re attending a destination wedding with a tropical theme.


Consider the time of day

Black-tie attire is ideal for receptions beginning at 6:00 p.m. or later, with suits or morning suits advised for the afternoon hours, according to traditional etiquette. Though not every wedding adheres to these guidelines, the ladies can still follow suit (pun intended) by selecting lighter, brighter hues for daytime festivities and darker, more formal tones for the evening. 


What’s the finest rule of thumb to follow? Keep a close eye on the clothing code specified on the wedding invitation. Even if there isn’t a dress code specified, the wording and style of the invitation can imply what is and isn’t appropriate. The wedding invitation serves as a good indicator of the event’s style. If you receive an invitation with a formal font and the venue is a more formal place, such as a magnificent hotel ballroom, it’s a good sign that the wedding will be black tie and that a formal gown would be suitable and expected.

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