We take a closer look at one of Spain’s finest wedding photographers with a sneak peek at some of his real wedding photos taken recently.

Often referred to as a “ladrón de emociones”, literally a “thief of emotions” Jordi Tudela is one of the top photographers operating in Spain at the moment. He really does have the ability to catch a subject’s emotions on camera which can then be kept forever! Another bonus, he’s apparently happy to travel all over Spain in the pursuit of getting the perfect wedding pictures on the big day.

We love the simplicity of all of these compositions, which makes for an effortless elegance in all of these wedding shots. They convey a real feeling of beauty without being too staged- they feel so natural. I can see Jordi being the kind of photographer who would be a perfect addition to any intimate wedding (or any large one too, for that matter!) where the love present in the pictures really just speaks for itself.

And on that note, I will let the following pictures do the talking..! Can you feel the love?


Thank you kindly to Jordi Tudela for the use of your wonderful pictures. And thank you and congratulations to all your lovely couples who appeared! All the best, from Spain for Weddings: The Spanish Wedding Network

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