From a bride that’s been there, done that and worn the gown.

You’ve counted down the months, weeks, days and now: you’re counting down the final hours until your luxury wedding.

A five-step guide to the night before your luxury wedding

Though we can’t help you with the likes of pressing your dress or polishing your shoes, we can give you a guide on making the most of the final night before your luxury wedding – so, put down your to-do’s, take a breath and follow our lead. 


A Five-Step Guide To The Night Before Your Luxury Wedding

1) Get your 8 hours sleep

Let’s start with the most obvious – rest.

Any bride or groom will be the first to tell you that, whilst their wedding day was the greatest day of their life, it’s also up there as one of the most tiring.

Give yourself a caffeine cut-off – caffeine is proven to have a negative impact on sleep, and recent studies have examined that even caffeine consumed six hours before bed can reduce your sleep time significantly. So, put down the cup of joe, switch off your phone and rest up in readiness to enjoy every minute of your big day.


2) Save yourself the washing up

You’ve enough to be thinking about without concerning yourself with what to have for dinner, or who’s turn it is to wash up. So, allow yourself a well-earned break.

Besides, these last few hours can be overwhelming for even the most organized of brides – so giving yourself a few hours off duty to eat good food and enjoy light-hearted chat with your nearest and dearest could be just the ticket to easing your pre-wedding jitters.


3) Clean your engagement ring

Ok, so this one isn’t strictly for the grooms – but it certainly applies to our brides.

Whilst this might seem glaringly obvious; you’d be surprised how often this tiny detail gets overlooked. Set yourself a reminder in your phone to give your engagement ring a final sparkle, ready for its close-up in less than 24 hours.


4) Get morning-ready

I promise, this will be the last to-do list that you’ll be checking off in your unmarried status – but it’s a must.

Write yourself a list of all the things you’ll need for the morning of your wedding and gather them together. These might seem basic, but – your underwear, jewelry, shoes etc.; all the essential things that you know you’re going to need.

Having all your fundamentals together, in one place, will put your mind at rest and help you prepare for the morning ahead.

5) Pack a wedding-day bag

One tip I learned from a fellow bride is to find out the lip-gloss or lipstick shade that your makeup artist plans on using and buy yourself the same one to top up during the day. Add this to your wedding day “DIY kit” (handbag) and keep your bag on-hand ready to see you through the day.

Some other items we’d recommend are; plasters for your feet (just in case), a hair bobble so that you don’t need to carry one on your wrist and a packet of mints. Otherwise, just add your own key items that you think you’ll need with you.



From one bride to the next – you’re only going to get one luxury wedding day and one pre-wedding night. So, embrace it. Embrace each and every minute, because you’ll never get to live these moments again.


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