Everything you need to know before hiring an officiant for your luxury celebration.

A Comprehensive Guide to Hire Your Wedding Officiant for Your Luxury Wedding

Finding your wedding officiant is sometimes overlooked or left to the bottom of your wedding-planning tasks, which can later compromise your ceremony or leave you with an option you may not like very much.

To help you organize your ideas and cross some things off your list, the following article contains a useful and comprehensive guide to hire your wedding officiant for your luxury wedding in which you’ll be able to determine the type of officiant you’d want to have on your special day, times to consider when reaching out to potential officiants and some general tips on the topic regarding backups and paperwork.


Know Which Type Of Officiant You Want For Your Wedding

There are a few different types of officiants that serve slightly different purposes for couples, such as a celebrant (someone who performs only religious or secular ceremonies), a religious officiant (member of the clergy of your religion), a secular officiant (typically not associated with a particular religion but had to do some training to get their license) and a civil officiant (the one in charge of all the legal part of your marriage and witnessing your ceremony).

Once you know which officiant you and your partner want to have on your special day it is time to reach out to some, starting from the ones closest to you, and move from there. If you’re having a luxury destination wedding you can either ask your venue for advice or well-known officiants’ names to start talking to them or you can ask your preferred local officiant how much will the fee be for traveling to your destination wedding.

You can also ask a friend or family member to officiate your wedding, in which they’ll have to undergo the official process to be authorized to officiate your ceremony. Weigh in all the pros and cons of each officiant you’re deciding between and go for the one you feel will perform the job the best.


When To Hire Your Wedding Officiant

Your wedding officiant is one of the most important things you should hire the minute you start planning your wedding, but how do you know when to do it? You should hire your wedding officiant between eight to ten months before your wedding date, thus if you wait until six months before your ceremony chances are most officiants will be booked.

Thankfully, there’s no such thing as booking “too early”, thus if you later find another option more suitable you can generally always change it, and with your wedding officiant, hiring them early is the best way to go.


What To Know Before Hiring Your Wedding Officiant Recap

Before jumping into the first officiant you see or know about, you should put into balance all of your options. Analise each type of wedding officiant that resonates with your and your partner’s beliefs and personal preferences and start crossing out the ones you realize won’t be suitable for your wedding. If you want to ask a friend or family member to officiate your wedding, consider the legal part of the process too before committing to something.

It is highly recommended that you hire your officiant at least ten months before your wedding date. And even though you may have booked one, make sure to have the contact of a backup just in case something happens.

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