Wedding day is an extremely overwhelming time, especially for a bride. On such a huge and exciting day, it is normal to forget a few things no matter how thoughtful and organized a bride is.

9 Things you'll probably forget to do the week of the wedding. Photo by Lovelylove
Photo by Lovelylove

Here is a list of the things that a bride will probably forget when her wedding is nearby. This list will help the new brides to take a close look at the things they need to focus on.

1.     Prepare the shoes

Shoes are the part of the attire that is given the least importance. This is the reason why brides encounter shoe-related problems on their wedding day. Before purchasing, check if the shoes are comfortable. Scuff them if they feel slippery. This could be done by rubbing the shoe against a rough surface like sand paper etc.

2.     Prepare an emergency kit

Bobby and safety pins are the most essential items for a bride; however, these things get lost easily. It is necessary to prepare a kit containing all these items along with some sanitary pads and band aids for any emergency. 

3.     Charge the Phone

Charging your phone is the most important thing, yet most of the people forget to charge it before a big event. A bride and groom must keep a portable charger with them in case their phone runs out of battery.

4.     Drink enough water

Wedding day could be excessively overwhelming and tiring, therefore, it is necessary to hydrate yourself and eat enough to be active throughout the day. Keep a few snacks with you to avoid being starved during the getting-ready and photography sessions.

5.     Keep some tissues

Wedding day can become emotional for the bride, as well as for their friends. For such cases, it is good to have some tissues in your pocket. They come in handy for saving the makeup from getting ruined due to the tears.

6.    Keep some cash

It is important to have some cash for emergencies. Some vendors also need their final payments on the wedding day. Moreover, you may have to tip the waiters and the workers hired by the vendors for the wedding.

7. Practice the vows

It is not necessary to have perfect wedding vows. But, you must practice what you have written for your loved one in order to deliver it correctly. Spare some time and repeat the vows for memorizing them.

8. Keep an outfit

Always keep a second option for dress with you, including the undergarments. Moreover, it is also wise to bring a comfy pair of shoes if you plan on dancing with your spouse after the ceremony.

9.     Gifts In-charge

On one hand, wedding day is exciting for the newly-wed couple. However, on the other hand, it may become stressful for them to take care of each and everything on their own. The couple must assign the important duties like gathering the gifts and safe-keeping the gift money to a responsible friend. This may keep away a lot of burden from the already exhausted bride and groom.




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