On your wedding day, you have enough to worry about. It’s easy to get dazed by people offering wedding advice when you start wedding planning.

7 Things you don't need on your wedding day. Photo by Jordi Cassú
Photo by Jordi Cassú

Your to-do list is equally increasing as the days go by. It gets a little confusing when you don’t know what exactly you can do.

Don’t be worried! We are here to help Use these tips to focus on what matters most on your wedding day.


1. Your phone

Who do you want to call when everyone you love is around? What do you want to do with your cell phone? Take pictures?! Allow all of that to your groomsmen, family, guest, and hired a photographer. However, you can view the comments and tags on the photos later. It’ll be exciting to relive your day anyways!


2. A phone charger

Taking your phone to the wedding ground isn’t necessary. But if you insist on bringing it, you shouldn’t come along with its charger. If your phone is running low, turn it off. This shows you’ve spent a lot of time on it. Do not look for ways to keep it on; it will distract you. With this, you’ll not enjoy your day as you’re supposed to.


3. Keys

You can easily misplace your keys when you take them to the wedding venue. To avoid this unforeseen circumstance, entrust your keys to a relative or friend. You can as well put them in a well-preserved box or key bag.  A bunch of keys could also be a good distraction. Having it on you while walking to the altar could make a lot of noise. It could be another source of unwanted distractions.


4. Your honeymoon luggage

Do not take your honeymoon luggage to your wedding ceremony.  Assign anyone to ensure your luggage gets in the getaway car. That is if you are going for your honeymoon immediately after the reception. You don’t want to get to Ibiza only to realize you’ve forgotten essential items.


5. Gum

With all the poised portraits and framed photos to come, you both need to be ready at all times. Don’t be caught with a piece of gum in your mouth. It is your day! You need to put on a broad smile and a happy face.


6. Selfie stick

Allow the photo props to family and friends. How will you hug or kiss your bride when your hand is tied up with a tech device?


7. Distractions

Video games, books, fashion magazines, etc. should be put away for a while. For almost the whole day, you’ll be surrounded by your family and closest friends. You do not want to take this time with them for granted!


Now it is time to make those plans happen. Knowing what you don’t need on your wedding day will help you stay focused while planning.







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